Do Not Sell My Personal Information

This notice applies only to California residents

If you are a California resident, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) provides you with the right to opt out of the "sale" of your Personal Information

To request that ST stop “selling” your Personal Information, please submit the declaration form below to Please note, some transfers of your Personal Information may not be considered "sales" and certain exemptions may apply under the CCPA. Your selection does not affect other sharing of your information, as outlined in our Privacy Statement. You will still see some advertising, regardless of your selection. Your selection is saved to this browser, on this device.

If you have any other questions or requests, please contact

Opt Out of the “Sale” of Your Personal Information

Please confirm that you are a California resident and provide us with your email address and zipcode in order to opt out of the sale of your Personal Information. By submitting this form, you affirm that the information you provide is accurate and agree that ST may contact you and collect additional information regarding your request, to confirm your email address, and/or to verify your identity.

Do no sell my Personal Information

Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the information in this declaration is true, accurate and complete and that it is my intention that this electronic request [e.g., email, interactive webform] to exercise a data right under the California Consumer Privacy Act shall carry the same force and effect as if I had manually signed this request.”