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221e is a technology firm, established in Italy.

We surf the innovation wave of IoT and wearable devices converging technological evolution in the field of sensors, electronics and algorithms towards a new generation of intelligent systems and products.

Any smart device has an embedded system at its core, allowing to sense, communicate and/or control. The digitalization of things, processes, machines, and eventually humans, is enhancing the value of data as the raw material of information technology. Data have to be usable before than useful, handled securely, sustainable to harvest and to manage in order to contribute to the generation of new knowledge.

Established in 2012, we have strengthen on each successful project assignment and today can count on the trust, partnership and repeat business of a number of valuable clients, from established multinational brands, to innovative startups. 221e can now follow system development from concept to manufacturing; counting on an efficient network and supply chain along the whole process.

Independently, we market product designs that synthesize our know-how; enabling customers’ access to our solutions, and expanding our network through direct relationships and sales.

221e means infinity, because endless is the boundary of imagination and so of innovation. We embrace this spirit, so no limits are settled to our venture, contributing to a better future, living a meaningful present.


2S COMPUTING is a skilled engineering company, specialized on embedded System software programing.

We can provide consulting, training and development on STM32 platform.


7layers is an international group of engineering and test centers specializing in wireless technologies. 
Our expertise encompasses technologies such as Bluetooth®, LoRa, Sigfox, Thread, LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi etc. 
Our service portfolio comprises of testing, R&D support & market access services for wireless enhanced devices, plus consulting & engineering services for IoT processes and its elements. 
Founded in 1999, 7layers has a worldwide presence with facilities located in USA, Germany, China and Japan. 
7layers belongs to the smartworld segment of Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, serving a large variety of industries.


Trainings are conducted on AC6 premises, located near the Paris La Defense district, or on customer premises.

  • The trainings provided by AC6-Training cover the system engineering for real time and embedded systems
  • Thanks to our multiple skills, both on hardware and software, we are able to put our global expertise to your benefits

AC6 trains about 600 people per year:

  • Software: Embedded Linux, Yocto, Real Time, Security, USB, Android, Embedded systems programming languages
  • Hardware: Arm Architecture:  Arm® Cortex®-M, -A and -R, STM32 Microcontrollers and Microprocessors

Detailed programs are available on our website:

Tools for Embedded -

  • Eclipse-based Software Tools for embedded application development
  • AC6 SW4Linux, intuitive IDE for Linux development
  • AC6 SW4STM32 supports all STM32 MCU references. Free IDE available on 

AC6 also provides consultancy and engineering services. Examples of achievements (more on

  • AC6 can be involved in project start-up or during development 
  • OS Porting, Linux integration, BSP, Drivers, Bootloader
  • Implementation of software architecture specifications (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1)


Actility is a global supplier of IoT connectivity solutions. Combining best-in-class LoRaWAN network servers with device & network management and added value services. Actility helps operators and enterprises to deploy IoT solutions for addressing vertical industries such as smart cities, logistics or the Industry 4.0. 

With more than 100 million dollars raised in funding, Actility is the leader in LoRaWAN network deployments with more than 40 global clients including Orange, Proximus, KPN or Swisscom. (#LoRaStarterPacks)


Adesto is a leading provider of innovative application-specific semiconductors and embedded systems for the IoT. Our wide range of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) products offer an array of features designed to help tune and optimize your system. We have a range of Quad and Octal NVMs that offer high bandwidth at high power efficiency with a range of ST microcontrollers.


Founded in 2016, AirNodes is a design house in the IoT field. Our main mission is to design devices that make life easier for both business and consumers. AirNodes’ engineers believe that IoT can change the world and give a more relevant dimension to many processes or applications. That’s why we also put our skills and expertise to the benefit of consumers, but also of all companies who want to face the challenge of IoT or connectivity. The four cofounders of AirNodes came from reknown companies of the french industrie like Alstom.

In the same vein, we also develop the first smart mirror, Anna, already on sale and adopted by a few customers. Anna is the very first smart mirror entirely customisable, designed and built by AirNodes. It empowers communication and has been available for sale in B2B since December 2016. A back office interface is available to setup, monitor and drive the mirrors. Few 5-stars French hotels & palaces already enjoy Anna’s functionalities. Anna was presented at the 2018 CES under the FrenchTech Flag with ST’s solution inside.

Alibaba Cloud Computing

Alibaba enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate. Alibaba provide the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers. Alibaba businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives and others. 

Through Alibaba subsidiary Cainiao Network and investee affiliate Koubei, respectively, Alibaba participate in the logistics and local services sectors. 

In addition, Alibaba have a strategic relationship with Ant Financial Services, the financial services group that operates mainly through Alipay, the leading third-party online payment platform in China.


Altium is providing software development tools under the TASKING brand.
The development tools include compiler suites and add-on tools like Debugger, Safety Checker or Profiler with focus on safety related challenges and ADAS applications.

AP Memory

AP Memory is a memory IC design company focusing on Low Mid density RAM solutions, and providing a full range speciality DRAM (SD/DDR/DDR2/DDR3), Mobile RAM (LP2/LP3/LP4), ADMUX PSRAM as well as IoT RAM (SQPI/OPI PSRAM).

Partnering with advanced DRAM technology fab foundries, AP Memory provides, world class performance, quality and cost, including application innovative and customized solutions, in both KGD or package form.

As a result, AP Memory is a WW leading supplier in the PSRAM area, supporting applications requiring ultra low power, high performance, consumer cost, as well as high temp & high reliablity specifications, such as Cellular, IoT, Edge AI...


ARCCORE offers a complete portfolio of products that adds a direct value in terms of reduced initial development costs.
It also creates even higher values long term : 

  • Component based AUTOSAR tools based on a proven methodology and renowned system development tools chain increases productivity.
  • Leveraging on standardized products supporting model-based development improves quality and makes complexity manageable.
  • Full access to embedded source code and a tools chain built on industry-leading open source projects enabling transparency and flexibility.
  • Supports agile software development based on re-use of software and a tools chain that enables distributed development in global teams.


Argus Cyber Security

Argus is an automotive cyber security pioneer, helping car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers and aftermarket connectivity providers protect connected cars and commercial vehicles from car-hacking. Founded in 2013 by cyber security experts, Argus solutions combine innovative security methods and proven computer networking know-how with deep understanding of automotive best practices. 
Argus’ R&D is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with offices in Michigan, the Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo.

Arilou Automotive Cyber Security

Arilou brings to market the most advanced and comprehensive suite of automotive cyber security solutions. Our dedicated team of security experts are constantly developing new technologies to keep your vehicles one step ahead of hackers. Arilou’s in-vehicle Intrusion Detection and Prevention Suite offers flexible implementation modes tailored to your vehicle fleet’s needs and environment. This gives you the option to select one technology to be customized for your complete portfolio. We’re not tied to a big supply chain network, so we can work with any provider. This gives you the freedom to build a solution that best protects your customers from cyber threats.



Arkessa is a leading IoT managed connectivity service provider making IoT easier to adopt, integrate and scale. Arkessa enable Enterprises and OEMs to optimise design, manufacturing, logistics and focus their skills and resource on new revenue generating services.

The Arkessa managed service includes multi-network cellular access  (roaming and local networks), reprogrammable eSIMs (eUICC), secure data transport  plus connectivity and subscription management platform services. By aggregating multiple global mobile networks  –  2G, 3G, LTE (4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M)  and 5G - into a single managed service, Arkessa enables IoT devices to connect out-of-the-box and operate anywhere on the planet.


Arm Keil

The Keil products from Arm are the world leading software development tools for Cortex-M processor based devices. We have more than 70 distributors in 68 countries around the world. Keil is since 2005 part of the Arm and offers the best-in-class compiler, debugger, and software components.


Arrow Electronics (NYSE:ARW) guides innovation forward for over 200,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. With 2018 sales of $30 billion, Arrow develops technology solutions that improve business and daily life. Learn more at global provider of products, services, and solutions, Arrow aggregates electronic components and enterprise computing solutions for customers and suppliers in industrial and commercial markets. The company maintains a network of more than 349 locations serving over 80 countries. More information:

Atmosphere IoT

Atmosphere IoT offers cloud software and integrated sensor-to-cloud solutions to IoT developers and commercial customers. Atmosphere's revolutionary platform creates embedded code, mobile app code and a cloud instance, all from it's drag and drop interface. Creating all three types of code saves developers time and money by expanding their capabilities into areas outside of their expertise. 


As one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutions, we’ve always adapted to changing markets and needs. But with the recent acquisitions of Premier Farnell and, we’re bridging the worlds of makers and manufacturers like never before.

Today, we can design, make, supply and deliver for customers of every size in every corner of the world – whether your product is still a notion on a napkin, in mass production or at any point in between. Avnet combines the agility needed to get to market first with nearly a century of close-knit relationships with technology’s most trusted global companies. Turning ideas that no one’s heard of into products everyone knows.As one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutions, we’ve always adapted to changing markets and needs. 

Avnet Silica

Avnet Silica is the European semiconductor specialist division of Avnet, Inc., one of the leading global technology distributors and acts as the smart connection between customers and suppliers. The distributor simplifies complexity by providing creative solutions, technology and logistics support. Avnet Silica is a partner of leading semiconductor manufacturers and innovative solution providers over many years. With a team of more than 200 application engineers and technical specialists, Avnet Silica supports projects all the way from the idea to the concept to production. 

Fifteen thousand customers throughout Europe are convinced of our service quality – in respect of both technology and logistics, not least because our application engineers focus on solution-oriented "design in" consulting and technical product support.

Avnet Silica simplifies IoT complexities and speeds time to market: 

  • We’ll help you navigate and address IoT complexities such as cloud gateways, wireless data plans, global inventory management and logistics, and device lifecycle management. 


  • Our Easy IoT solution includes hardware, software and security building blocks, pre-coded to send data to the cloud, saving coding time and allowing fast IoT solution development and deployment.



AVSystem is an expert in large-scale solutions for Telco operators and enterprise markets. Initially, AVSystem focused mostly on device management for various technologies (xDSL, Cable, LTE, FTTx). As device management is a central part of today’s IoT ecosystems, AVSystem’s Coiote platform uses the company’s vast experience to provide scalable and industry-agnostic IoT environments. The Coiote IoT platform speeds up any IoT deployment with standards-based IoT device management (above all, via OMA SpecWorks’ LwM2M) as well as extensive data management. 

Additionally, AVSystem’s IoT portfolio also includes Anjay - an open-source SDK that helps vendors of IoT equipment to implement support for LwM2M. Anjay perfectly complements Coiote which helps companies easily create scenarios for automated interactions between systems and devices in the Internet of Things environments.

Recognized as a global leader in the LwM2M IoT service implementations, AVSystem is an active voice and participates in the standardisation and orchestration of secure device management in the IoT world.