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port industrial automation

That's port. Reliable real-time communication on the latest technological standards - that is port. The application decides what you need - "PORT" offers the right solution for your "need" - Semiconductor independently. port is a market leading company in the field of protocol libraries. stack´s, drivers and tools for industrial real time communication. Since 1990 our Know-How accelerates your Time-To-Market. More than 500 customers worldwide and thousands of devices using "PORT´s" real time technology successfully.


Prevas is a high-tech company founded in 1985. We do custom design product development, in the area of electronic hardware (HW), including firmware, software (SW) and mechanics. We have HW-experts in analog, digital, microprocessor technology, and EMC. SW-experts in C, C++, .Net, JAVA, Linux and many other languages. Our innovative designs and solutions are based on market leading technologies from our partners.

(#STPMIC1) (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1)


ProMik, ever since its foundation in 1995, offers a most comprehensive suite of tools and systems for the programming of standalone/embedded Flash memories and represents state-of-the-art technology and a de-facto standard in the industry.

It ranges from portable devices for development, new product introduction to complex systems for volume in-line and on-board production.

Sourced by strong collaboration with the semiconductor industry ProMik is one of the most innovative company that offers Flash programming solutions for new devices well before its market introduction.

Our worldwide customers and partners do value our sophisticated production solutions across a broad range and in many factories around the globe. ProMik’s homogenous programming systems allow far-reaching benefits from reuse of knowledge, time- and money-efficient production moves around the globe and cost-efficient requalification processes.

Prove & Run

Prove & Run was founded in 2009 and is a highly recognized security company. Its mission is to help its customers resolve the cybersecurity challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the IoT.

Products and services offered by Prove & Run

Prove & Run answers to the cybersecurity requirements of the device OEMs at all steps of their product life-cycle.

Security consulting services that rely on world-class security expertise and cross-domains business understanding:

  • Defining custom security architectures
  • Delivering security training to architects and developers
  • Performing security analysis and specifying security requirements
  • Provide certification support (Common Criteria, CSPN, PSA, CESIP, etc.)

Security engineering services for the development of ad-hoc security solutions:

  • Firmware update over-the-air (FOTA) and secure communication protocols (VPN, TLS) development
  • Module integration (SE, TPM)
  • Secure boot and Root-of-Trust development
  • Support for OP-TEE integration and/or development of OP-TEE custom security services

Solutions to secure-by-design connected devices leveraging on software products specifically designed to meet the most demanding needs:

  • ProvenCore: A next-generation ultra-secure OS available on STM32MP1 processors. ProvenCore can execute OP-TEE services, is compliant with GlobalPlatform and is certified Common Criteria EAL7.
  • ProvenCore-M: A secure RTOS to secure IoT devices using for STM32 Cortex-M processors. Also available for TrustZone on STM32L5.
  • IoT Security Suite: A complete IoT solution for STM32MP1 processors, based on ProvenCore, that includes a secure boot, an attestation service, and different FOTA options with increasing level of security.

Prove & Run in STMicroelectronics Ecosystem

Prove & Run is a key partner of STMicroelectronics in the field of embedded software security, and ProvenRun’s products match perfectly with STMicroelectronics’ portfolio.

Prove & Run: Related Resources

Pure Engineering

An embedded software and hardware company that builds tomorrow's Internet of Things. 

We are focused on low power custom hardware and firmware designs for IoT devices. 

We specialized in developing solutions using the BlueNRG and other STM32F series of micro-controllers. 


Qeexo is the first company to automate end-to-end machine learning for embedded edge devices (Cortex M0-M4 class). Our one-click, fully-automated, Qeexo AutoML platform allows customers to leverage sensor data to rapidly build machine learning solutions for highly constrained environments with applications in IoT, wearables, automotive, mobile, and more. Over 300 million devices worldwide are equipped with AI built on Qeexo AutoML. Delivering high performance, solutions built with Qeexo AutoML are optimized to have ultra-low latency, ultra-low power consumption, and an incredibly small memory footprint.

(#STM32CubeAI) ( (#STWIN) 


Qt Group (Nasdaq Helsinki: QTCOM) is a global software company with a strong presence in more than 70 industries and is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt is used by major global companies and developers worldwide, and the technology enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives. The company's net sales in year 2017 totaled 36,3 MEUR and it employs some 300 people. To learn more, visit

(#STPMIC1) (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1)


上海移远通信技术股份有限公司(Quectel Wireless Solutions)是全球领先的5G、LTE、LTE-A、LPWA、智能模组、C-V2X、GSM/GPRS、UMTS/HSPA(+)和GNSS模组供应商。作为一家专业的物联网(IoT)技术开发商和蜂窝模组供应商,移远通信能够为IoT蜂窝模组提供一站式服务。  

移远致力于帮忙全球客户产品快速联网。迄今为止,超1亿设备使用移远模组完成联网 。


Radiall designs and manufactures 60 GHz Horn antennas which allows data transmission when used with ST60 chipset. The high gain of these antennas allows longer range of ST60 wireless link, and increase of data flow when used as a multilink.

Radio Controlli

Radio Controlli is a young company but with an important baggage of experiences. The company was founded by initiative of managers with long and established experiences ( electronics engineering and research & development ) in some major Italian industrial groups ( Italtel, IPM Group ) ; Later they were joined by professional and skilled resources. RadioControlli designs, produces and sells Wireless and IoT Modules for different market segments, from the industry to the hobby use.

All our products are developed in accordance with the technical regulation and laws applicable in different markets.


Raw Power

Raw Power specializes in the design and development of power electronic systems and electric machines for industrial, automotive, safety and civil applications.

Raw Power expertise covers all the design steps from initial development up to the prototype construction and engineering of the product, including extensive support during certification. Examples of Raw Power’s expertise fields:

  • Bi-directional converters with buck/boost battery interface capable of regenerative braking for lightweight electric vehicle.
  • Highly integrated electric drives for automation and high speed power tools applications
  • High efficiency Power converters and high speed electric machine drives based on SiC MOSFET technology - Power converters for renewable energy sources applications (both photovoltaic and micro-wind turbines) for both grid tied and off-grid operation.
  • Automotive ECU for data acquisition and manipulation with HS-CAN and MS-CAN interface. 
  • Custom electric machine design, both SPM (surface permanent magnets) and IPM (Internal Permanent magnets). Specialized direct-drive torque machines.



LoRaWAN Public Network Operator in Mexico Country.

We offer ultra low cost Connectivity to LoRaWAN devices through our Neutral Host Carrier Grade Low-Power Wide-Area Network for IoT in Mexico.

RF Laboratories

RF Laboratories can assist you with your wireless problems, fixes, design support, test support, planning and documentation. Whether your need is as simple as an inexpensive remote control or demands the design savvy required of a comprehensive communications system, we have the resources to accommodate most wireless design needs. 


RoweBots is a Canadian Embedded Software and Hardware Development Company.

Our Development Services include:

  • Hardware & Software Development for STM32 Series
  • Optimize an existing Software or Hardware
  • Experience with broad set of sensors
  • Algorithms Research and Development
  • UNION RTOS – our Software IP
  • Embedded Linux drivers configuration and application
  • Application and Mobile applications development
  • Targeted quality levels development: demo, prototype, secure product
  • Ready to manufacture product development

Our Technical Expertise include:

  • Wireless Communications (BT, BTLE, WiFi, LoRaWAN, LTE Cat1, Cat M1, NB-IoT)
  • Over the air updates (OTA or FOTA)
  • Cloud Connectivity (Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google, etc)
  • Security is always included
  • Database and cloud implementations as part of a IoT product solution
  • We successfully handle the following constraints:
  • Tight schedules
  • Limited budget
  • Cost target BOM development
  • Low power requirements
  • Battery operations for targeted time
  • Physical size limitations

Our Business offerings include:

  • Team Extension
  • Fixed price for known requirements
  • Hourly rate
  • Lager project discount
  • Warranties
  • Experienced team
  • Low cost and minimum time to market

We will provide you with the complete documentation and support for the manufacturing, including BOM and Gerber files. We can guarantee that your project will be completed on time and under budget with top quality.


RT-Thread is an open-source embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) that provides a wide range of components and 245+ software packages for the Internet of Things (IoT). The power of the open-source is the power of the community, since the first release of RT-Thread in 2006, RT-Thread received strong support from the community developers and chips & original equipment manufacturers and continue to contribute. RT-Thread has also achieved the installed capacity of 600 million units, gathering a powerful developer community around the world, as well as creating a great ecosystem in hardware and software. RT-Thread is now widely used in Smart Homes, Security, Industrial Vehicles, Wearable Devices, Smart Cities, and many other industries.

SafeRide Technologies

SafeRide Technologies develops AI-based software for cybersecurity, vehicle health monitoring, and data analytics applications. We currently offer our vSentry™ CAN Optimizer software solution on the STA1385 Telemaco3P telematics and connectivity microprocessor family.

SAMEA Innovation

SAMEA Innovation is a design house in electronic circuits and Wireless systems design from 10MHz up to 10GHz, able to build customer dedicated optimized products as well as own products (WiFi, 2G/4G LTE, GNSS, LoRa, SigFox, BLE, Zigbee..).  

With 20 years of expertise in radio system and a large capacity of systems analysis, the company develops optimized solutions in line with the needs of customers focused on wireless communication technologies. 

SAMEA Innovation develops innovative electronic solutions for technology players who position themselves in the wireless internet markets very high speed Internet of Things (IoT), asset trackers, and wireless sensors, with three product family:

  • WiFi smart antenna solution to increase distances by a factor of 2 to 5.
  • Universal Tracker offering a high reliability and accuracy in the localization for indoor and outdoor.
  • SENSORIIS wireless sensor for Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart City.

Savoir-Faire Linux

Savoir-faire Linux is a global reference for any open source software integration. Our clients rely on us for consulting, integration, development, training and IT support services. Our broad expertise in business, web, infrastructure and embedded solutions make us the ideal partner of choice for many companies and their highly complex projects given our team of more than 50 open source engineering consultants available to meet all varieties of challenges.

Our clients derive from a variety of industries and verticals such as:

• Aeronautics,

• Aerospace

• Automotive OEM's & Tier 2's

• Consulting Agencies,

• IT Security Firms

• Financial Institutions,

• Hardware Manufacturers

• Entertainment Organizations

Savoir-faire Linux is also a major contributor of the following Open source technologies as Linux Kernel, Yocto, Buildroot, Ffmpeg, Zephyr, Jami, OpenDHT. 


Founded as Litronic AG in 1988, SCIOPTA Systems AG is based in Bottmingen/Basel (Switzerland). 
Since the inception SCIOPTA Systems AG is specialized in real-time systems. 
SCIOPTA Systems develops, sells, supports and maintains systems software for safety-critical embedded applications.
This includes real-time operating systems, network software, file systems, software for interface bus systems, board support packages and other system software.
SCIOPTA is a message based real-time operating system with many built-in safety functions and is therefore very well suited for software forming part of safety-related systems. SCIOPTA has been certified by TÜV to IEC61508 at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3), EN50128 and ISO 26262.
But SCIOPTA is more than just an RTOS. It is a new and modern approach to design embedded systems. The direct message passing method allows easy and time-saving design of robust and safe systems. Applications based on the SCIOPTA Method can cover small static SoC designs to large dynamic distributed systems.

Scriptr reduces the complexity & cost of enterprise IoT and digital transformation by providing a marketplace of ready to use vertical IoT applications backed by an award winning agile, scalable & secure development platform & runtime. is compatible with all major IoT data platforms; IBM IoT, Azure IoT, AWS IoT, and many others to accelerate your industrial and enterprise IoT applications. is delivered on demand as a fully managed cloud service, on premise or at the edge.