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Cartesiam is an expert in Artificial Intelligence at the Edge. We are an ISV expert in mathematics, AI and signal processing on microcontrollers. Cartesiam, invented NanoEdge™, a revolutionary technology enabling Machine Learning and AI analysis in small footprint, low energy devices, such as STM32 microcontrollers.

This capability is unique in the market as it enables not only analysis, but also learning directly within the microcontroller and this, without the help of a complex cloud infrastructure. 

Devices equipped with NanoEdge AI™ can autonomously learn from their environment, identify anomalies, and send alerts. 


Centri Technology

CENTRI provides an advanced security solution specifically designed and built for the unique needs and requirements of the Internet of Things. Our flexible, so ware-only  solution enables device makers and developers to quickly move to market with purpose-built IoT security to protect their data from creation to consumption. CENTRI delivers device integrity with modern, standards-based technologies for the connected world.

Cerberus Security Laboratories

Cerberus Security Laboratories is an independent team of technical security experts focused on securing embedded systems and connected devices. With specialisms in microelectronics, embedded software, and cryptography Cerberus offers consultancy services to design and implement secure systems.
Complementary to this, Cerberus also offers security evaluation services through the use of paper-based vulnerability analysis and active embedded device specific penetration testing.
Cerberus has worked on projects covering a wide range of large scale IoT and M2M systems from automotive through to consumer appliances.


Since 2013 we develop and distribute embedded software and hardware with focus on connected products and Internet of Things.
We are proud to have among our customers many Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small size businesses.
Security and quality of our solutions is a paramount for us and the fact that Mongoose Web Server is used by NASA aboard of the International Space Station is the best confirmation to it.

Among our products are:

  • Mongoose OS - an operating system for low-power microcontrollers
  • Mongoose Web Server - an embedded web server and networking library
  • mJS - an embedded JavaScript engine for C/C++
  • Frozen - a low footprint JSON parser and emitter for C/C++ 


Checkup designs, develops and manufactures electronic technology to fulfill our customers’ requirements enhancing their performance.
Our electronic devices are highly customized and efficient, designed together with client companies to meet their requirements.
Checkup manages within the company all technical and executive stages of a project, from the analysis to the designing, from the certification to the production of the device.
Flexibility, expertise and talent are our characteristics.
We work to improve the performance of our clients and help them achieve their goals.
We continuously experiment with new solutions and new paths.
We grow every day by sharing ideas, through the responsibilities we take.
We check every detail, we test the results of our work and we respect the delivery times.


Founded in 2005, ClevX is an IP/Technology development and licensing company – Your Innovation Partner. It’s focused on the Security/Mobility markets where ClevX pioneered its award-winning DATALOCK® KP and BT Secured USB drives (OS-agnostic, hardware encrypted, bootable) with on-board and wireless (via Bluetooth Smart®) user-authentication and easy to use portable software applications for secure drives for personal and business use. 

ClevX differentiates itself by creating solutions that are simple, clever, and elegant. 


Since its inception in 1990, CMX Systems, Inc., has focused on providing its customers with all of the tools needed to program their embedded applications.  
These applications range from automotive, medical equipment, consumer electronics, communications, to aerospace, manufacturing automation, and many other industries.
CMX offers small footprint and extremely fast RTOSes, TCP/IP stacks, CANopen stacks, USB stacks, and Flash File Systems that are ported to many STMicroelectronics processors and supporting compilers.  
All CMX software is licensed with full source code and no royalties on shipped products.


Coilcraft is a leading global supplier of magnetic components including high performance RF chip inductors, power magnetics and filters. In addition to a large selection of standard components, Coilcraft also designs and builds custom magnetics to fit a customer’s exact electrical requirements. The Coilcraft product line includes: 

  • Wirewound chip inductors from 0201 to 1812 with an emphasis on tight inductance tolerance, high frequency performance and high Q factors.
  • Low profile, high current SMD power inductors
  • Planar transformers and inductors
  • EMI/RFI filters
  • RFID transponder coils
  • Wideband RF transformers
  • Power over Ethernet transformers
  • High reliability magnetics and testing services

Coilcraft operates more than 10 manufacturing facilities around the world, including China, Malaysia and Mexico, all 100% Coilcraft owned and operated. All manufacturing locations are ISO/TS 16949 certified. Coilcraft worldwide headquarters is located near Chicago and has been privately held since 1945.


CopSonic is a technology enabling nearfield communication based on ultrasounds as to interact or transmit data between electronic devices. 

The CopSonic technology is distributed as a Software Development Kit (SDK) and white labelled demo applications to allow partners and customers to integrate this new communication channel inside their electronic and software environments for any use case related to digital security (mobile payments, ID management...), smart detection (geofencing and loyalty) and IoT connectivity (M2M communication). 

The CopSonic solutions can be used as an alternative to other technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth or QR Codes. Ultrasound communication opens new opportunities through unique advantages such as universality and interoperability, security and reliability, but also full-duplex communication capacities.

Cosmic Software

Cosmic Software is a leading producer of software development tools and services for the embedded systems industry. Cosmic development tools are used in the creation of electronic systems found in a variety of products including: automobile transmissions, anti-lock brakes, air bag controllers, washing machines, microwaves, pacemakers, mobile phones, fiber optic switches, heavy construction equipment, avionics, robotics and many more. Established in 1983 and headquartered in France, Cosmic Software operates subsidiaries in the United States and Germany along with a worldwide network of distributors to help provide the local support that is crucial to the success of its customers.

Crank Software

Crank Storyboard is a GUI design and development tool that empowers engineers and designers to rapidly create optimized GUIs for embedded experiences. A collaborative workflow environment empowers teams to iterate designs in real time and validate performance quickly meaning more products to market, faster. Device manufacturers are able to boost innovation, bringing products to market more cost effectively - without ever compromising performance. (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1)

Creation Technologies

Creation Technologies was founded in 1991 to help OEMs succeed in providing responsive, cost-effective and customized solutions to their customers in a changing and demanding technology landscape.

Creation Technologies is a $550M global EMS provider with 9 manufacturing sites worldwide and design centers in Golden, Co and Milwaukee, Wis.  

Creation Design Services offers end to end engineering design and product development services from design concept to manufacturing. 


CUI  Devices is an electronic components manufacturer specializing in a diverse range of product technologies. As a leader in power electronics, we support our customers as they strive to improve the energy efficiency and environmental credentials of their application. Our interconnect, audio, motion and thermal management groups provide engineers with reliable and proven solutions across a range of market segments as technology allows the world to connect in new ways. Most importantly, every product is backed by an unwavering commitment to create collaborative partnerships with customers and a drive to see that their design projects are a success.

Cynetis Embedded

CYNETIS EMBEDDED offers a range of innovative solutions for software design and development of embedded systems. Their portfolio includes STM32 MCU and FreeRTOS training classes, professional-grade TCP/IP & SSL/TLS components as well as world class embedded software tools.

Cypherbridge Systems

Our mission is to deliver solutions for authentication and trust, electronic data privacy and integrity. Our software products span standards based and inter-operable PKI, encryption, data integrity, secure elements and anti-cloning.
Connecting the Internet of Things, we supply standalone, IoT and Cloud Connected Software Development Kits and Toolkit  solutions including TLS, SSH, VPN, software lifecycle management, safe install and secure boot loader, encrypted file system, FIDO Alliance 2 factor authentication.

DAOS Group

DAOS Group is a team of industry professionals that has been active for over 30 years. The Group is a cutting-edge company composed of specialized technicians, which expertise has received international awards and recognition.
The Group is innovative in both its methodology and its organization. Its network is capable of offering original ideas and high-quality services to conceive, design and implement innovative solutions.

DAOS Group’s activities are divided into five main areas of intervention: 

  • Electronic Design
  • Software Development
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Prototyping 
  • Production


DediProg is a leading company aiming at the solutions of IC programming of EEPROM, SPI Flash, NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC,CPLD and other programmable devices. We not only provide dedicated solutions for engineering development but also offer high efficiency equipments for production. 


digiBlitz provides customers with an IoT Platform for Digital Transformation and Internet of Things ( IoT ) development & Operations (DevOps). This One-Suite IoT Platform can successfully execute a full Life-Cycle of Business Digital Transformation Projects and Programs for the IoT realization & Monetization.

digiBlitz is the right tool to facilitate organizations in vast IoT Initiatives, Implementing Robotic Process Automation, Business Restructuring, Seamless Execution of Carving-In and Carving-Out Conundrum, and Significant Strategic Mergers, Acquisitions, and Greenfield Projects.  

Our Digital Twin technology eliminates duplication of work from industrial and mobile IoT projects. You can transform the organizational & Engineering processes to achieve future state desirable model and help in Monetize the assets while current projects run safer. All your IoT and Non-IoT engagements shall finish on schedule and stay within budget. 

The digiBlitz IoT Platform does it by matching reality to the project plans. It predicts the future through the future-state predictive analysis and confirmative analysis and then provides you with the LifeCycle Path and Means for the real-world work.


The industries that we focus are Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare, Smart Cities, Smart Fleet Management, Smart Automotive, Smart Energy, Smart Association, Smart University, Smart Farming, Smart Retail.


Since its start DiZiC's founder vision has always been to focus on value creation for customers. 
The company has deep knowledge of radio communication systems and electronic devices manufacturing. 
We develop innovative products using the latest available technologies and concepts from design stage up to the fabrication process. 
Small size, reliability, ease of use is paramount for all the products or services we provide. 
DiZiC products can be used in various applications in consumer, commercial and industrial fields.

DSP Concepts

DSP Concepts, Inc., specializes in tools and solutions for audio product development. Audio Weaver is an innovative design environment for developing optimized embedded audio software. It enables algorithm and product developers to more quickly and efficiently develop products and technology. Audio Weaver is suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithm, from basic research, to optimization and productization, integration into end products, and ongoing legacy support.

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