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​ETAS provides innovative solutions for the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry and other sectors of the embedded industry. As a systems provider, ETAS supplies a multifaceted portfolio that covers the range from integrated tools and tool solutions to engineering services, consulting, training, and support. Security solutions in the area of embedded systems are offered by the ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT. Established in 1994, ETAS GmbH is a 100-percent subsidiary of the Bosch Group, with international subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.



Evatronix is an engineering company based in Bielsko-Biala, Poland established in 1991. Our mission is enabling our customers to bring innovative electronic products to the market.

We realize it through:

  • comprehensive offering of outsourced electronic product development and focused engineering services, covering the whole design flow from product specification, product architecture, embedded software and hardware development, verification and validation
  • product prototyping and supply chain management in low volume production,
  • sales and deployment of modern design tools for electronic and mechanical engineers along with consulting and training in this domain (our VAR division, only in the Polish market).


EXPERTiS is an engineering design services company with more than 20 years of experience in electronic and embedded product development.

Over 200 products for the consumer, industrial, automotive and telecommunications markets are behind our staff expertise.

We can provide a one stop full product development that covers the entire cycle from concept to production. Our areas of expertise covers embedded internet devices, automotive CAN enabled ECU and EMU design, USB enabled devices, ultra low power design for instrumentation, telemetry and wireless.

Express Logic

Express Logic headquartered in San Diego, California provides the popular ThreadX®, a pre-certified, Industrial-grade RTOS, along with a suite of advanced middleware for embedded applications, and the X-Ware Platform optimized to help IOT developers get to market faster. Express Logic has achieved over 5.4 billion deployments of ThreadX since its founding by William E. Lamie in 1996. Express Logic values simplicity and making embedded IoT development as easy as possible. Express Logic believes in making the fastest, smallest, most secure and highest quality solutions to help customers achieve the same in their products.


EZNOV is a multi-discipline engineering team made complete by rare specialized skills (positioning, sensor fusion, closed loop control PID, UAV - drones, flight algorithms, robotics, smart objects) that will turn your ideas to success. 
EZNOV won the Innovation Award at National Robotics Competition held in March 2017: we demonstrated our unique know-how with EZ|MANTA, world first hybrid UAV.
We are a fast, reliable, and affordable outsourced solution for software and hardware engineering development. 
At EZNOV we believe in great ideas that could become great projects.
You can count on us to fulfil our mission: we are not only problem solvers, we give you better. 
We are dedicated to bring our creativity and innovative thinking to serve end-user experience.


To high valued PCB Fabrication, PCBA & Box Build Manufacturing Services. From NPI to full Production. Quick-Turn services.

Our services are personalized, we respond quickly to your-needs at any stage of the partnership. We always stand ready to respond to your prototype or production requirements. FAB-9 uses it's strategic domestic and off shore partners to fabricate PCBs. Our products and services are as following: Quick Turn PCB - Printed Circuit Prototype, Quick Turn PCB Fabrication, Printed Circuit Design & Layout, Multilayer PCB Fabrication, PCBA Production & Mechanical Box Build Assembly, Full Turn-key, Consignment, or both.

FAE Technology

FAE Technology SpA is an Italian electronics design center and manufacturing company that offers R&D services in hardware, firmware and software. Using the latest components and technologies, it has developed an extensive expertise in building custom embedded hardware platforms and developing firmware and software algorithms. FAE Technology manages the complete PCBA design cycle from concept to mass production with a young high skilled team of about 100 employees. Electronics technology enabling with industrial approach are the main company focus, together with reliability and fastest time to volume make FAE Technology Spa the best electronics partner. Demostrating their design and manufacturing capabilities, FAE technology is the maker of of ST, Cloud-JAM and KITRA.


FDC is a SME offering a unique blend of expertise in Satellite Navigation (#GNSS, #Galileo, #GPS, #GLONASS, #QZSS, #BeiDou, #SBAS) and #Security for almost 30 years. With the emergence of new threats on Satellite Navigation applications, FDC provides robust and resilient navigation technology to the most critical markets. In particular, FDC developed a Secure GNSS module for ITS (DRACONAV), result of several years of collaboration with STMicroelectronics.

DRACONAV is designed to provide #confidence and #resilience in the computed position, velocity and time. The module supports GNSS signal #spoofing, #jamming/interference detection and mitigation, is protected against cyber-attack and delivers authenticated information to the application.


FEIG ELECTRONIC is developing, manufacturing and distributing RFID Readers supporting RFID tags for various frequencies and standards.


For more then 30 years, Fideltronik has played an active role on the European engineering market providing end-to-end solutions to engineering and manufacturing leaders worldwide. During that time we gained vast expertise in services ranging from R&D, HW&SW development, manufacturing up to thorough quality assurance and process automation. 
Our products are based on the most innovative technologies including Artificial Intelligence to fulfill requirements of the most demanding projects in Industry 4.0 and IIoT. Our market value and business reliability have been proved by long-lasting cooperation with well-reputable brands such as Philips, ABB, Delphi, Bosch, Woodward, Ericsson, Toyota, Renault, Sevcon and Novitus to name a few.

Gaussian Labs

Gaussian Labs provides Embedded Wireless Solutions based on a wide range of wireless solutions from antenna tuning to complete custom design of wireless systems operating from 60kHz to 10GHz covering Complete Product Development Solution, from conceptual system architecture to new product introduction and a wide range of Consulting Services

GH Enterprise

GH Enterprise is a company focused on electronic design and electronic products, with the clear intent of being extremely up-to-date with new technologies.
The company was born in 2009, in which year it began to realize OEM projects.

In 2014, GH Enterprise decided to invest in the design and construction of an motion control electronic board for FFF or FDM type 3D printers, known as "SPEEDY", using the most powerful controller in the world.
This is in line with the principles of GH Enterprise, which considers technological innovation as its own strength.


GHI Electronics

Founded in 2003, we aim to provide consulting, manufacturing and drop-in solutions that reduced risk, cost and complexity. Backed by these services, we became a global leader in electronics engineering and manufacturing. As we move into the future, we plan on continuing our cutting-edge innovations and look forward to providing our customers with exceptional products and services. Success and growth are part of our company structure. Our highly trained staff and internal organization allows us to handle orders of any size, from prototypes to thousands of units.


Gilisymo offers to you all you need for Time-of-Flight solutions: low power, ready to use, configurable, programmable solutions based on ST products. 
With Gilisymo, you will benefits of all the best experience in Time of Flight. 
Our product which is a compact distance measurement solution can be considered as a reference design for fast ToF prototyping.

Ginzinger electronic systems

Ginzinger electronic systems has been a contact for the tailored development and production of embedded Linux solutions and customer-specific hardware and software applications for over 25 years. As an embedded Linux systems integrator, our company mission is to make the cost, energy and space benefits of smart products with a proven history in consumer electronics usable for industrial applications.  Individual solutions are tailored precisely to the customer's needs. From simple interface assemblies through to highly complex systems with a real-time embedded Linux operating system.


Gizwits is the world's leading IoT self-service development and cloud service platform, providing enterprises and developers with services for the development, testing, launching, and commercial operation of agile and low-cost IoT solutions.It provides partners capabilities to build, deploy and manage IoT products and applications efficiently.

With a diverse variety of application APIs, sound SDKs, IDE development environment, automatic code generators for MCU and App and other micro-services, Gizwits provides big-data analytics, artificial intelligence, and standardized IoT application services. Enterprises and developers can conduct secondary development with pertinence on IoT applications and services in the cloud to fulfill their individual needs.

Using its end-to-end solutions, cloud services, and online tools, Gizwits helps companies implement IoT development services with lower cost and higher efficiency.

Green Hills Software

Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software is the largest independent vendor of embedded development solutions. In 2008, the Green Hills INTEGRITY-178 RTOS was the first and only operating system to be certified by NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership comprised of NSA & NIST) to EAL 6+, High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved for any software product. Our open architecture integrated development solutions address deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for the military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, networking, consumer and other markets that demand industry-certified solutions. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software at

Grove Streams

GroveStreams is a cloud platform that allows data from many STMicroelectronics products to be collected, stored, analyzed, visualized, shared, and acted on. 

Almost every GroveStreams feature is offered through its platform independent API. In fact, the GroveStreams web browser interface is built using only the API. Build your own applications quickly without any programming experience using the GroveStreams dashboard builder or build a custom interface using the GroveStreams API.

GroveStreams LLC was founded in 2011 by a Big-Data Architect with experience building Enterprise Business Intelligence and Utility Metering software applications. GroveStreams realized early that the proliferation of devices that generate data is increasing every day and traditional systems cannot effectively capture, analyze and react in a timely manner to the amount of data these devices are generating. GroveStreams offers big-data scalability, reliability, and security that today’s businesses demand.



HandsOn-Training specilizes in providing high quality technical courses that integrate practical work in FPGA, Arm®, security and AI. The company is Arm Authorized Training Center, Intel FPGA training center, and ST Training Partner, and train the silicon vendors and OEMs around the world. Headquarters in Israel with offices in Germany Munich. (#STM32MPU) (#STM32MP1) 

HCC Embedded

Since 2000, HCC has developed premium embedded storage and communications software designed to ensure that any data stored in flash or communicated by an embedded IoT application is secure, safe and reliable. Most embedded software used to transmit or store embedded data is not developed using recognized quality standards. Most flash file systems can’t ensure reliable, power fail-safe storage. Many network stacks are vulnerable to security risks due to coding errors. HCC storage software ensures that embedded NAND, NOR or SSD always works reliably and predictably, and that communications software is stable and high quality. All HCC software components are developed according to our strict framework rules and are independent of RTOS, MCU, hardware, compiler, endianness, and toolchain. All drivers and abstractions are provided, meaning virtually no integration is required. This means you can use your favourite RTOS, but opt for premium middleware to build a more robust system. Supported RTOSes include FreeRTOS, uC-OS, Keil RTX, THREADX and many others.

HCC’s TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 code is supplied with a detailed static analysis report, complying strictly with the MISRA-C coding standard. Critical software modules including Encryption, TLS, IPSec and IKE, SNMP, MQTT, and HTTPS are provided with additional life cycle artefacts including MC-DC code coverage analysis to ensure higher levels of network security.

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