On-demand Webinar: ToF Sensors for Multi-Object Ranging

How to get the most of your BLDC motor with our STSPIN32F0 advanced motors drivers with embedded MCU's.


During this one-hour webinar you will learn how to properly tune your BLDC motor with STSPIN32F0 in an easy way. We will walk you through several steps of the process including current regulator tuning, how to program open- to closed-loop switchovers, how to regulate speed and how to set up the troubleshooting of common issues. Tuning will be done using the Monitor feature, a tool for online tuning, in the ST Motor Control Software Development Kit (MCSDK).


  • Introduction to the STSPIN32F0 family
  • Current regulator tuning
  • Switching from open- to closed-loop in torque mode
  • Troubleshooting of common issues
  • Speed regulator tuning


Stanislav Divin

A senior applications engineer, Stanislav works in ST's EMEA applications support team focusing on analog power solutions for industrial motor control.