On-demand Webinar | Discover the first 8x8 multizone Time-of-Flight ranging sensor with wide 63° field of view

Register here to watch our one-hour webinar in replay and learn about the new current sensing solutions to ensure the best performance for your industrial system designs.

During this one-hour webinar, we will take an in-depth look at ST’s solutions for shunt-based current sensing. A key part in many industrial applications, current sensing is used in all tasks from simple energy monitoring up to more complex control loops.

With applications requiring different functions, speed, and precision as well as isolation or other features, we will examine several current sensing solutions to find which one will best meet your design requirements.

This on-demand session covers the following:

  • Pros and cons of various design architectures
  • Key considerations to take into account in your designs
  • Overview of ST’s current sensing portfolio
  • Real-life solutions for non-isolated and isolated current sensing applications
  • Overcurrent protection and why it is important


Jiří Hladík

An application engineer for ST (EMEA) since 2015, Jiří has a good insight into system architecture and complete process of electronic design. Located in Prague, he is primary focused on helping developers find the best signal conditioning and power management designs for analog sensor interfaces.

Anthony Boimond

After joining ST in 2000 as an application engineer with a strong focus on power management, today Anthony is a senior product marketing engineer in charge of making sure our signal conditioning and interface portfolio meets the most stringent requirements for your applications.