Webinar: Technical introduction to the TouchGFX graphic design and code generation tool for STM32

Get basic training in the TouchGFX graphical framework and enable a high-end smartphone look and feel on STM32 microcontrollers

In this webinar you will learn about the advantages of using the TouchGFX graphic framework in your STM32-based display designs. Discover the technical fundamentals of TouchGFX and learn how to get started with our state-of-the-art GUI builder, TouchGFX Designer, on your preferred STM32 display kit.


  • Status of TouchGFX
  • Challenges in using embedded graphics
  • Introduction to TouchGFX
  • TouchGFX development demonstration using an STM32 kit
  • Support, knowledge base, community, etc.
  • TouchGFX 4.11 - upcoming features


62 minutes



He is Technical Team Manager on the TouchGFX team. Part of TouchGFX since its creation, Jesper knows everything about the tool and how to fully utilize all features and functions.

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