Emprog ThunderBench,完全集成且精心打造的ARM Cortex C/C++开发工具

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Emprog ThunderBench for ARM®Cortex®(EMP-Thunder) is a modern and innovative integration of a C/C++ compiler, debugger and IDE within the Eclipse platform for any ARM®Cortex®device. It is a single and fast installation of all required components, and a complete out-of-the-box system up and running. It comes with Emprog ThunderCloud, a large web-based repository of up-to-date and ready-to-use embedded BSPs integrated within ThunderBench.
Refer to the Emprog website www.emprog.com to receive support on RTOS.
This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For the latest information on the specification and the package of the purchased parts, refer to the third party’s website www.emprog.com/st.
  • 所有功能

    • Eclipse-based IDE with many plugins
    • Seamless project creation via Wizards
    • Ecosystem of RTOS and middleware
    • Full Technical Support from the Emprog team
    • Free-fully-functional, 30-day evaluation version
    • Feature-Rich Tools:
      • Parallel compilation support
      • Multiple build configurations
      • Preprocessor color highlighted
      • Code completion and templates
      • Content Assist
      • Expand/collapse of code blocks
      • Bookmarking
      • Stack Report
      • Project Wizard
      • MISRA C plugin
    • Key components:
      • Best-in-class editor and project management within the IDE
      • Optimized C and C++ compiler for ARM®
      • ARM®Cortex®Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) compliant
      • Support for many evaluation and target boards
      • Assembler, Linker, Run-time libraries including source code
      • Over 100 sample projects for evaluation boards from many different manufacturers
      • Online video tutorials and full documentation
      • Context-sensitive editor
    • Chip-specific support:
      • More than 100 examples of ready-to-use projects including support for many STMicroelectronics evaluation boards
      • Support for 4-Gbyte applications in ARM® and Thumb®mode
      • Each function can be compiled in ARM® or Thumb® mode
      • VFP (Vector Floating Point) co-processor code generation
    • Hardware debugging support:
      • STMicroelectronics ST-LINK/V2: support for STM32 devices
      • Segger JLINK, JTRACE: support for STM32 devices
    • ThunderCloud:
      • Online access to latest BSPs without version upgrade or update
      • Downloaded directly into ThunderBench workspace and ready to run