Sources of STM32L4 based firmware for ST25R3911B-DISCO

STSW-ST25R002 software contains the ST25R3911B-DISCO firmware source, which is an USB HID controlled application for STM32L476.

It allows the GUI on the PC to control the ST25R3911B on the ST25R3911B-DISCO board and exchange arbitrary RF frames. The provided project is ready to be compiled using the Keil® toolchain.


  • The ST25R3911B-DISCO board is an HF reader and NFC initiator demonstration board and is composed, among other parts, of an ST25R3911B (high performance HF reader / NFC initiator IC) and an STM32L4 microcontroller.
  • The ST25R3911B-DISCO board is controlled by the PC software and connected via USB.
  • The firmware supports the following RF protocols:
    • ISO14443-A
    • ISO14443-B (including ST25TB series)
    • FeliCa™
    • ISO15693
    • Active Peer to Peer according to ISO18092
  • Wakeup feature of ST25R3911B
  • Automatic antenna tuning
  • ST25R3911B register access



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DB3250 DB3250: Firmware source for ST25R3911B-DISCO board 1.0 126.08 KB


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SLA0051 SLA0051: MyLiberty V1 - SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 2.12 101.13 KB


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STSW-ST25R002 1.2.8 Active ST Source code