ST’s antenna tuners and tunable capacitors offer high quality and high reliability based on a ferroelectric material composed of baryum strontium and titanate (BST). The adoption of this new tunable material is a breakthrough that enables RF tunable technology to serve the mobile wireless market.

ST markets three product series, derived from its tunable technology:

  • Discrete tunable capacitors : the STPTIC devices
  • Complete antenna tuner modules : the STRAFT devices, made of tunable capacitors, combined with high-Q inductor and assembled into LGA modules
  • Tuning ciruits: the STHVDAC devices, capable of driving both STPTIC and STRAFT devices. These antenna tuning circuits can be controlled via SPI or the new radio-frequency front-end (RFFE) interface developed by the MIPI Alliance

New antenna-tuning circuit boosts LTE smartphone performance

ST’s STHVDAC-253M integrates three high-voltage DACs, allowing it to simultaneously optimize antenna performance in three different frequency bands. It supports all MIPI RFFE features such as extended mode, triggers, 26 MHz clock operation, and brings stronger signal/more bars, fewer dropped calls, faster downloads, and longer battery life. Housed in a flip-chip 0.4 mm pitch package, the STHVDAC-253M embodies the best-in-class antenna performance in a compact and cost-effective solution.