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ST has extended the STM32L4 technology providing more performance (up to 120 MHz) , more embedded memory (up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 640 Kbytes of SRAM) and richer graphics and connectivity features while keeping the best‐in‐class ultra‐low‐power capability.

The STM32L4+ series shatters processing capabilities limits in the ultra‐low‐power world by delivering 150 DMIPS/409 CoreMark score while executing from internal Flash memory and by embedding 640 Kbytes SRAM enabling more advanced consumer, medical and industrial low-power applications and devices.

STM32L4+ microcontrollers offer dynamic voltage scaling to balance power consumption with processing demand, low‐power peripherals (LP UART, LP timers) available in Stop mode, safety and security features, smart and numerous peripherals, advanced and low‐power analog peripherals such as op amps, comparators, 12‐bit DACs and 16‐bit ADC (hardware oversampling).

The new STM32L4+ series also embeds advanced graphic features enabling state‐of‐the‐art graphic user interfaces. 
The Chrom‐ART Accelerator™, ST's proprietary 2D hardware graphic accelerator, efficiently handles repetitive graphic operations releasing the main CPU capabilities for real time processing or even more advanced graphic operations.
The Chrom‐ART Accelerator is coupled with the large embedded SRAM, the Chrom‐GRC™ round display memory optimizer, the high-throughput Octo-SPI interface and to the advanced TFT and DSI controllers, allowing you to achieve ‘smartphone‐like’ graphic user interfaces in a single‐chip and an ultra‐low power solution.

The STM32L4+ series are available in different lines: STM32L4R5/S5, STM32L4R7/S7 (with TFT interface) and STM32L4R9/S9 (with MIPI‐DSI and with TFT interface).

To simplify migration and give you all the flexibility you need, the STM32L4+ is pin‐to‐pin compatible with the different STM32 series and opens the door to the full STM32 ecosystem.

  • Ultra‐low‐power mode: 20 nA with backup registers without real‐time clock (5 wakeup pins)
  • Ultra‐low‐power mode + RTC: 200 nA with backup registers (5 wakeup pins)
  • Ultra‐low‐power mode + 64 Kbytes of RAM: 800 nA
  • Ultra‐low‐power mode + 64 Kbytes of RAM + RTC: 1μA
  • Dynamic run mode: down to 43 μA/MHz
  • Wake‐up time: 5 μs

Getting started with STM32L4+

  • Download the STM32CubeL4 embedded software package containing the HAL, LL (low-layer) APIs, and middleware. Then install ST’s STM32CubeMX graphical software configuration tool that supports pinout configuration, code generation and a power consumption calculator. Start with one of the many examples provided or build your own project.

  • Get trained watching the STM32L4+ Online Training

  • Learn more about STM32L4+ blog article here


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