STM8AF62 is the mainstay of the STM8A multi-purpose 8-bit microcontrollers for automotive applications. Based on our proprietary STM8 core able to deliver up to 20 MIPS at 24MHz, the STM8AF62 line features a full set of timers, interfaces (LIN 2.1, UART, SPI, I²C), 10-bit ADC, internal and external clock control system, watchdogs, auto wake-up unit, and an integrated single-wire debug module.

Conceived to offer a smart combination of features, to be easy to use and reliable, it covers a wide-range of operating conditions such as up to 150 °C  ambient temperature and down to 3.0 V supply. It is the perfect solution for automotive applications where no compromises can be made.

STM8AF - 适合空间有限应用场合的新型汽车用8位微控制器

基于意法半导体的高效24MHz STM8A 8位处理器内核,新型STM8AF6223和STM8AF6226为座椅控制器、车窗升降器、HVAC控制或网关等空间有限的模块提供了完美的连接、时序和模拟功能组合。扩展的工作温度范围使这些微控制器十分适合安装在发动机舱中。

现可提供STM8A-DISCOVERY 用于评估器件的性能。