ST的SLLIMM™系列小型低损耗智能功率摸组在家用电机驱动应用中效率提升,在硬开关电路下工作频率可达20 kHz功率范围可覆盖达3 kW。

ST的智能功率模组(IPM)支持低压微控制器侧与主功率电动机之间的直接连接。 这样使得整个电路使得设计简化和元器件数量更为少,同时节省空间,提高可靠性和降低EMI,极大地降低了成本。

提供多种不同封装选项(完全模组和DBC),引脚选项(直插和SMD),功率器件技术(IGBT和MOSFET),电流额定值和驱动选项,它们具有在传导损耗和开关损耗之间的最佳折衷,以实现高效率, 及出色的稳健性和EMI特性。

Intelligent Power Modules

Save space in efficient energy motor drives with SLLIMM™-nano SMD intelligent power modules

Developers can now benefit from surface-mounted devices (SMD) with the introduction of SLLIMM™-nano intelligent power modules in a 26-lead NSDIP package. This compact and thermally efficient package enhances reliability and saves PCB space with heatsink-free designs while the increased creepage and clearance ensure safety isolation.

Available as 500V MOSFET or 600V IGBT devices, they offer current capability up to 3 A, an optimized voltage drop in conduction and low electromagnetic interference.
They are the right choice for roller shutters, small fans, small compressors and other low-power applications (up to 100 W).

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