凭借最新的ARM® SecurCore® SC300 32位RISC处理器和专为高性能而优化的架构,ST33平台提供了大容量存储器、多种通信接口和各种不同外形的认证加密库,包括晶圆、SIM模块、DFN以及WLCSP封装。

Major Milestone for ST33 Secure Chips with Over One Billion Sold to Secure the Connected World

STMicroelectronics has recorded cumulative sales of over one billion units for its ST33 embedded-security ICs.

The popularity of the ST33 family reflects the growing imperative to protect data and systems in secure mobile-consumer, smart-driving, smart-industry and smart-cities applications.

ST33 have been selected by major smartphone OEMs to deploy new eSIM based devices, taking advantage of a smaller and thinner WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) package and GSMA SAS-UP certified Personalization-on-Wafer industrial flow.

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