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A Showcase of the STPOWERTM Family for New Alternative Energies

The SLIMMTM Family of Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) connect directly to the microcontroller and provide the complete power stage for a 3-phase motor drive. They greatly reduce costs by simplifying design and significantly reducing component count while saving space, improving reliability and lowering EMI. They are available in both through-hole and surface-mount configurations with MOSFET, IGBT and Super Junction devices.

ACEPACKTM1 and ACEPACKTM2 Power Modules include Six-pack and CIB (converter +inverter + brake) topologies from 3 to 30kW for industrial power applications including industrial motor drives, solar panels, welding tools, and power-management solutions. Thanks to their high configuration flexibility, these robust power modules can implement other topologies on different IGBT, MOSFET and SiC power switching applications.

The new GaN devices enlarge the family of Wide Band Gap Power Semiconductors beyond SiC. The first ST GaN Intrinsically Normally-OFF HEMT demonstrates how this technology improves power density and efficiency of very-high-frequency designs in high Voltage Power Conversion. The panel features SGT120R65AL 120mohm 650V in PowerFlat QFN Lead options (through-hole and SMD).

ACEPACKTM Drive high-power module and isolated gate drivers, like the STGAP provide full solution for EV Traction Inverter. The ADP860120W2-F ACEPACK™ DRIVE module is a Silicon CarbidePower MOSFET Sixpack, 1200V, 860A with NTC. The STGAP1AS is a galvanic isolated single-gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs with advanced protection, configuration and diagnostic features. With up to 5A drive capability, the STGAP1AS isolates the gate drive from the control and the low-voltage interface circuitry through true galvanic isolation.

ACEPACKTM SMIT is a scalable solution for a single switch in a traction inverter. The copper top side provides an isolated path for heat transfer. The traction inverter displayed uses several 200A 650V IGBTs in 3-phase inverter.

The new STPAKTM improves power dissipation and reduces inductance. The demo displays water cooling in direct contact with the package heatsink. The package uses sintering technology inside for the die attach and outside for mounting on the heatsink, reducing the thermal path and interface for best power dissipation!

Isolated Gate Driver
The STGAP series of isolated MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers provide galvanic isolation between the input section, which connects to the control part of the system, and the MOSFET or IGBT being driven. Galvanic isolation is attained using a highvoltage, on-chip, micro transformer that ensures commands and diagnostic information are reliably transferred to and from the floating – with respect to ground – section of the circuit. Both single and dual (half-bridge) drivers are available.


Enphase microinverter is powered by MDmesh M6
MDMesh6™ series 600V super-junction transistors are engineered for high efficiency in medium-power resonant and hard-switching converter topologies.


Digital Power Control with STM32,
STM32F334 with high-resolution timer for efficient power conversion Applications

Data Center Power Delivery
Including our patented Stacked Buck (STB) architecture and our High-Density STC (Switched Tank Converter) architecture for Data Centers

Smart Power Conversion

Compact Inrush Current Limiter
Innovative approach for inrush current-limiting circuits in SMPS, up to 800W, without using relays. The approach uses SCRs in parallel with the input bridge rectifier, to bypass the inrush current-limiting resistor. The system is self-driven through self-synchronization with the AC line.

BLDC Motor Position Control
Precise positioning control for two BLDC motors. The highly accurate software controls two synchronized motors (each equipped with a high-resolution encoder) driving intersecting disks that appear to rotate through each other.

  • STSPIN32F0 integrated MCU plus a 3-phase gate driver enables compact and efficient design
  • Position control is now part of the extensive STM32 FW ecosystem for BLDC motors

Wireless Fast Charge
3-coil, 5W/15W TX, with Fast Charge and USB-C and 5W/15W RX with TX function

Complete end-to-end solution for up to 15W, compliant to Qi 1.2.4. The transmitter supports proprietary fast charging methods for mobile phones. Its stand-by power consumption is just 17mW. The receiver can auto-switch from 5W to 15W depending on the TX it detects. STWBC-MC.

Education Platforms
Educational platforms for universities based on STM32 Open Development Environment (ODE) and ST development tools.

  • Showcasing our prototype project for the curriculum on motor control and robotics based on a Furuta inverted pendulum kit with stepper motor (Stepper motor controller board, STM32 Nucleo F401RE and Expansion board X Nucleo IHM01A1)

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ST Expert Presentations

Date Time Title Speaker/
Session APEC ID/
Tuesday  8:30 Efficiency & Robustness for SiC MOSFETs: key role, trade-off and technology improvement for traction inverter solutions Mario Pulvirenti Industry session IS03 210A
  9:00 A 3kW Full Bridge LLC Resonant Digital Converter for Industrial/telecom application Mario Di-Guardo Industry Session IS02 209AB
  10:00 Solid State Inrush Current Control Solutions for Single Phase PFC Yannick Hague Industry Session IS02 209AB
  11:00 SiCon Carbide Enabling Car Electrification (SiC vs IGBT in Traction Inverter) Anselmo Gianlìuca Liberti Industry Session IS03 210A
  2:15 Flexible Architectures to Efficiently Convert from 48V to Intermediate Bus or Directly to POL Paolo Sandri Exhibitor Session  
Wednesday 9:15 Adaptive Digital Synchronous Rectification for power supply Ivan Clemente Massimiani Industry Session IS07 209AB
  9:30 Qi power control principles and consequences on PTx design Lionel Cimaz Industry Session IS10 213B
  2:20 Innovative control method for a Dual Independent Output LLC resonant converter Alberto Bianco Technical Session T18.2 212AB
Thursday 8:30 How SiC MOSFETs Enhance Efficiency, Reliability, and Performance of Electric Vehicle Jeffrey Fedison Industry Session IS16 209AB
  10:00 SiC MOSFET or Si IGBT in Industrial Motor Drives Mario Pulvirenti Industry Session IS17 210D
  10:00 A 5kW Inverter solution for low voltage application Genmaro Macina Industry Session IS20 213B
  10:30 An experimental investigation of the SiC MOSFET gate voltage glitches with Miller clamp Anselmo Gianlìuca Liberti Industry Session IS17 210D
  11:15 A Novel Non-Complementary Active Clamp Flyback Control Technique Alberto Bianco Technical Session Poster Poster Area

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