ST-Up is an acceleration program dedicated to Israeli hardware startups.

Our goal is to partner with the next technology leaders and help them scale up faster through our 18-month program and build great global companies, with great hardware.

We will work with (relatively) mature startups and provide the access, technical knowledge and expertise, tools, resources, and connections to help them achieve their goal.

ST-Up is an initiative of STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM, “ST”), the largest European chipmaker. In the long term, ST’s goal is to build long-term partnerships with high-growth potential partners.

How can we help

Facilitate to build systems and solutions based on the latest ST technology, products and development tools for:

  • Smart Driving, IoT and industrial applications
  • Chip design, production and qualification support for ASIC, SoC, SiP, or partnership
  • IP products complementary to ST roadmap
  • Collaboration and feedback

Accelerate the industrialization of innovative products with:

  • Direct access to ST resources (Divisions, R&D, manufacturing, tet)
  • Fab and partnership assessment (e.g. an engineering lot is about 200k$)
  • Marketing and technical coaching supported by ST experts (e.g. getting a reference design ready, designing an ASIC in 6 months)
  • Global business development support with access to strategic partners (OEMs, EMS, customers, partners, channels, IP etc.)
  • Support to increase visibility

Collaborate to deliver innovative solutions to meet the member company’s challenges, based on their specific needs:

  • No equity but NRE
  • Test and deploy cutting-edge technologies and become a design partner:
    • Select the most relevant solution to test your PoC (proof-of-concept).
    • Customizing the solution to meet their needs, improving overall system design.
  • Full hands-on support from ST with mentoring, OEM relationship support to SOP
  • Commercial collaboration following a successful PoC.
  • Co-development activities for tailored solutions

STupacc program outline

The ST-UP accelerator program was presented on January 30 at Impact Labs (WeWork Hazerem) in Tel-Aviv.

The program offered by ST-Up can be broken down into 5 steps:

Screening ~3 months
  • Scouting and selection, based on solution maturity
Roadshow (ST internal) ~3 months
  • F2F pitch sessions with ST experts
  • Selection of 3-5 startups
  • Signing of program terms and conditions
  • Assignment of ST mentors
  • First workshops to get started
Proof of concept ~6 months
  • Pilot solution and practical validation
  • Technical integration with ST and program collaborators
  • Value creation assessment.
  • Next Screening session starts
Acceleration ~6 months (modular)
  • Mentorship: B2B sales, manufacturing process expertise, development agreement, supply chain and logistics agreement, partner companies
  • Business development support with ecosystem partners
  • Definition of joint value proposition, commercial agreements and overall terms of long-term partnership.
Demo Day 1 week
  • Storytelling support (senior level strategic storytelling, public speaking, trade shows)
  • Meetings with strategic customers
  • Demo Day

Intro to ST

ST is a global semiconductor leader and the largest European chipmaker. The company has over 45,500 employees, including 7,400 in R&D, and 11 manufacturing sites across the globe.

We enable our customers through differentiated technology, products and solutions across four large end-markets:

  • Smart Driving: ADAS from assisted to autonomous driving solutions, systems for HEVs and EVs, as well as all standard applications (body, lighting etc.).
  • Industrial applications: factory automation, robotics, smart cities, smart grid, appliances, medical, space & aerospace.
  • Smartphones and other personal devices, with a focus on sensors, power management and security.
  • And communication infrastructure

More information on ST is available here.
We are currently meeting companies and building a shortlist for the first session of the accelerator program. Those making the shortlist will go through a screening process including a presentation to our ST-Up Accelerator Angels committee, industry experts and venture capitalists. These presentations will allow us to explore together the benefits and structure of a potential partnership, implemented through the Accelerator program over 18 months of initial collaboration. A full summary of the accelerator program is available here, and we are available to discuss the terms and conditions of the program in further details. Please get in touch!

To apply and meet the ST-Up team, please fill the form below: