Analog/Power Design Third Parties

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Analog/Power Design Third Parties directory




Theobroma Systems Design und Consulting GmbH

Expertise: Design Partner for RF and STM32

Dr. Philipp Tomsich
Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17
1230 Vienna, Austria




IK Elektronik

Expertise: Design Partner for RF (SPIRIT…) 

Andre' Volkmar
+49 (0)37465 4092-429
Friedrichsgrüner Str. 11-13
08262 Muldenhammer



Expertise: OPC Partner for Industrial and Building Automation, activity at SPS/IPC 2016 planned at ST booth

Daniel Schulze
+49 (0) 221 969 77 42
Venloer Str. 25
D-50672  Cologne


TAPKO Technologies GmbH

Expertise: KNX Design and Certification Partner, STM32…

The main field is interfacing devices with technical perfection and optimal solutions. 20 years of experience, competence and dedication contributed to the permanent enhancement of our KNX communication stack KAIstack. As a manufacturer of KNX devices and KNX certification service provider they distribute end-user devices, evaluation boards, OEM products and services of our accredited KNX test lab. KAIstack is a modular software that can be designed individually according to all customer´s requirements and independent of the media used, the processors, device type and mode of commissioning. So, they reduce our customer´s time-to-market by making it easy to implement a full KNX functionality to every device no matter what kind of media is used. 

As a communication specialist in the area of building automation they offer services for KNX product conception, certification, hardware/software development and production. Besides distributing own KNX devices and KNX communication components we have customer-specific solutions for every kind of device communication problem. All TAPKO KNX products contain intelligent and advanced technology. This technology advances continuously.

Petar Tomić 

+49 (0)941-30747-0
Im Gewerbepark A 15
D-93059 Regensburg 



WEPTECH elektronik GmbH

Expertise: Design Partner for R/F products (SPIRIT-1..), Design Partner for EBV Maia Program

Wolfgang Esch
+49 (6341) 9255-519
Ostring 10, 76829
Landau, Germany




AQ Magnetica S.r.l.

Expertise: Analog and Power, Magnetic parts, Power conversion

Thanks to their deep know-how acquired in the field of the most-used topologies for  switch-mode power supplies (LLC resonant converters, HPF flyback, phase-shift converters, bridgeless boost, interleaved boost inverters, EMI filters, and others), AQ MAGNETICA’s valued technical approach uses simulations (Pspice and 3D CAD simulations), performance measurements (functional, thermal as well as EMI and pre-compliance measurements), prototyping (of both electromagnetic component sampling and full switch mode power supplies) and certification support (by granting a direct dialogue with CE, VDE, IMQ, UL and many others). 
AQ Magnetica has been closely cooperating with ST since 2000 and in 2016 become part of AQ GROUP AB (


Via Marcora, 20
60022 Castelfidardo (AN) – Italy


FABEL s.r.l.s.
Fabio Fausto Gatti  
Fabio Spreafico   

Expertise: Analog and Power, Lighting, Power conversion

The company offers consulting, product development and production of electronic devices, with a particular fondness for Power conversion and lighting applications. They realize the pcb design, the whole project included firmware on 8-16-32bit microcontrollers, the laboratory prototypes, the pre-series or the production, thanks to partnership with qualified manufacturers. The laboratories are equipped with the most modern equipment for the development and design debugging.
They can perform EMC pre-compliance testing for:

  • conducted emissions from 9kHz to 30MHz.
  • radiated emissions for products falling within the scope of CISPR 15 / EN 55015 (with the alternate method of the CDN as described in CISPR 15 ANNEX B)
  • conducted immunity, burst, surge and power fail.
  • verification of the harmonic distortion of input current.

They are present at the CEI technical committees:
SC 34A - Lamps
SC 34C - Auxiliaries for lamps
SC 34D - Luminaires

FABEL s.r.l.s.
Via Gaetano Donizetti 9,
23808 Vercurago (LC) Italy
Tel. +39 0341 1841896


Raw Power s.r.l

Expertise: Analog and Power, Motor Control, Power conversion, Automotive.

Raw Power specializes in the design and development of power electronic systems and electric machines for industrial, automotive and civil applications. Raw Power expertise covers all the design steps from initial development up to the prototype construction and engineering of the product, including extensive support during certification. Examples of Raw Power’s expertise fields:

- Bi-directional converters with buck/boost battery interface capable of regenerative braking for lightweight electric vehicle.
- Highly integrated electric drives for automation and high speed power tools applications
- High efficiency Power converters and high speed electric machine drives based on SiC MOSFET technology
- Power converters for renewable energy sources applications (both photovoltaic and micro-wind turbines) for both grid tied and off-grid operation.
- Custom electric machine design, both SPM (surface permanent magnets) and IPM (Internal Permanent magnets). Specialized direct-drive torque machines.

Head office: Via Alberto Pansa, 47
Operational headquarters: Via Sicilia,31
42100 Reggio Emilia - Italia
Tel:  +39.0522.334042
Fax:  +39.0522.513772





Institute of Embedded Systems
ZHAW School of Engineering 

Expertise: University & Partner for RF Designs (BLE, BlueNRG-MS, BlueNRG-1), energy harvesting, STM32..

Prof. Dr. Marcel Meli
+41 (0) 58 934 72 47
Technikumstrasse 9
CH-8400  Winterthur


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Expertise: OPC Partner for Industrial and Building Automation, activity at SPS/IPC 2016 planned at ST booth

Daniel Schulze






STM32 PSU/PFC design workshop 28 Apr - 01 May, 2020