Several online support options are available, see below. Please review and proceed to selected service.

Technical Resources

like Datasheets, Application Notes, CAD symbols, HW models, BSDL files, evaluation/demo boards, software drivers, etc. Use filtered Search using categories like "Resources", "Tools & Software", "Videos".

Sample Requests

For online requests of product samples please visit our eStore and search for selected part number. Many of them are available free of charge. 

Evaluation Tools

For in-depth functional product verification you should check our Evaluation Tools and Boards - also as potential reference designs for (part of) your application.

Tools for Design Support

Use eDesignSuite to design parts of your application system, e.g. a power converter or a battery charger. Or try our simulators to evaluate behavior and optimize performance of ST devices, e.g. ST PowerStudio for electro-thermal analysis of power devices. 

Knowledge Base, FAQs

Search for immediate answers to your (technical) questions in our product forums or FAQs - by entering one or more keywords. You can filter results by categories like "Discussions" or "Knowledge Article Types". Of course, this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Community site is offering places to meet people with similar mindset all over the world at any time. Communities are dedicated to product groups or target applications. Share your knowledge or post your question to people who might know the answer.

Support Request - via web form

If you still did not find the information you need, describe your problem in our support request form and we will reply to you as quickly as possible. Same link can also be used to review status and update your support requests.

Sales Contacts

For commerical questions you can contact an ST Sales Office or your local dealer, see complete list of available contacts here. 

Telephone Support Center Business Hours 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM USA CT
  • 1 (844) STMICRO for toll-free calls inside USA
  • 1 (512) 434-1253 for calls outside USA