High Voltage Op Amps from 10 V to new 36 V series

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ST's 10 to 36 V series of high-voltage op-amps offers many possible combinations of power consumption and gain bandwidth. Our wide range of devices allows customers to get the best performance for the appropriate accuracy. The high-voltage series of operational amplifiers simplifies the design of sensors for applications from automotive electronics to smart buildings and industrial controls.

Benefiting from the advanced BiCMOS manufacturing process developed in house, the TSB series of 36 V rail-to-rail op-amps delivers the same bandwidth as traditional LM324 operational amplifier, but with a power consumption 4 times lower.

With its high tolerance to ESD and stable performance over a wide temperature range, the TSB series of op-amps gives designers peace of mind.

Precision High Voltage Op-amps

TSB series: 36 V op amps for automotive and industrial applications


In addition to an excellent speed / power ratio, our 36 V TSB series of op amps offer outstanding power density and high tolerance to ESD combined with low-power consumption:

•       The stability and robustness of our 380 µA / 2.5 MHz TSB57 operational amplifiers make them an ideal solution for a wide voltage range of applications. Available in single- (TSB571) and dual-channel (TSB572) versions.

•       Our 100 µA / 560 kHz TSB61 operational amplifiers operate over a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 125°C, ideal for industrial and automotive applications. Available in single- (TSB611) and dual-channel (TSB612) versions.

•       The combination of wide bandwidth, slew rate, low noise, rail-to-rail capability and precision makes our 1.8 mA / 6 MHz TSB711 (single-channel) and TSB712 (dual-channel) op amps useful in a wide variety of applications including filters, power supplies and motor control, actuator driving, Hall effect sensors and resistive transducers. Also available in 22 MHz versions: TSB7191 (single-channel) and TSB7192 (dual-channel)

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