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32-bit Power Architecture MCU for Automotive Applications

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Product overview


This family of MCUs targets automotive powertrain controller applications for four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, chassis control applications, transmission control applications, steering and braking applications, as well as low-end hybrid applications.

Many of the applications are considered to be functionally safe and the family is designed to achieve ISO26262 ASIL-D compliance.

  • All features

    • Two main 32-bit Power Architecture® VLE compliant CPU core (e200z4), dual issue, running in lockstep
      • Single-precision floating point operations
      • 16 KB local instruction SRAM and 64 KB local data SRAM
      • 4 KB I-Cache and 2 KB D-Cache
    • One 32-bit Power Architecture® VLE compliant I/O processor core (e200z2)
      • Single-precision floating point operations
      • Lightweight Signal Processing Auxiliary Processing Unit (LSP APU) instruction support for digital signal processing (DSP)
      • 16 KB local instruction SRAM and 48 KB local data SRAM
    • 2624 KB on-chip flash memory
      • Supporting EEPROM emulation (64 KB)
    • 64 KB on-chip general-purpose SRAM (+112 KB data RAM included in the CPUs)
    • Multi-channel direct memory access controller (eDMA) with 32 channels
    • Dual interrupt controller (INTC)
    • Dual phase-locked loops, including one Frequency-modulated
    • System integration unit lite (SIUL)
    • Boot Assist Flash (BAF) supports factory programming using a serial bootload through the asynchronous CAN or LIN/UART
    • Generic timer module (GTM122)
      • Intelligent complex timer module
      • 88 channels (24 input and 64 output)
      • 3 programmable fine grain multi-threaded cores
      • 26 KB of dedicated SRAM
      • Hardware support for engine control, motor control and safety related applications
    • Enhanced analog-to-digital converter system with:
      • 1 supervisor 12-bit SAR analog converter
      • 4 separate fast 12-bit SAR analog converters
      • 2 separate 16-bit Sigma-Delta analog converters
    • 5 Deserial Serial Peripheral Interface (DSPI) modules
    • 5 LIN and UART communication interface (LINFlexD) modules
    • 3 MCAN interfaces with advanced shared memory scheme, two supporting ISO CAN-FD and one supporting TTCAN
    • One Ethernet controller 10/100 Mbps, compliant IEEE 802.3-2008
    • Dual-channel FlexRay controller
    • Nexus development interface (NDI) per IEEE-ISTO 5001-2003 standard, with partial support for 2010 standard
    • Device and board test support per Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) (IEEE 1149.1)
    • Single 5 V +/-10% Power supply supporting cold start conditions (down to 3.0 V)
    • Designed for eTQFP144 and eLQFP176

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STMicroelectronics - SPC574K70E7

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