Sensing Functions

Sensing Function Packs provide reference solutions to:

    - Collect data from different sensor types, e.g.  multi-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes, digital compasses, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, MEMS microphones, light ambient sensors, UV index sensors, distance sensors;

    - Combine and process data from multiple sensors data for advanced detection and monitoring capabilities, e.g. motion recognition, speech recognition, environment monitoring, positioning, fall detection, access control, and intrusion detection;

    - Log multiple sensors data;

    - Transmit data in local networks, internet and the cloud via different connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, NFC, and sub-GHz bands;

    - Power-up sensors through energy harvesting.

Application examples and companion smartphone/tablet apps ensure sensor data can be easily accessed and exported to smartphone, tablets, and the cloud.

Most of the application examples have been developed taking into account the requirements of low-power computation to make them usable and affordable for battery-operated devices.