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USB Type-C™ Power Delivery SINK expansion board based on TCPP01-M12 for STM32 Nucleo

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Product overview

Recommended replacement product: X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1


The X-NUCLEO-USBPDM1 expansion board is no more available for purchase. The X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1 is a new version of this board. It is available with additional features and is compliant with any STM32 Nucleo-64 board that allows the USB Type-C™ usage with or without power delivery.

The X-NUCLEO-USBPDM1 is an expansion board for the NUCLEO-G071RB and NUCLEO-G474RE development boards or any STM32 Nucleo development board equipped with a USB Type-C™ peripheral.

The X-NUCLEO-USBPDM1 is compliant with USB Type-C™ rev 1.2 and power delivery 3.0 with 100 W PPS support, as well as USB-IF certified (test ID certification: 3036).

It provides a straightforward means for evaluating USB Type-C™ power delivery in sink mode based on TCPP01-M12.

The USB Type-C™ connector can supply the STM32 Nucleo development board thanks to a 3.3 V LDO.

  • All features

    • 100 W programmable power supply (PPS) support
    • USB Type-C™ reversible connector
    • 6 V overvoltage protection (OVP) on CC lines against short-to-VBUS when the connector is unplugged
    • Up to 22 V adjustable overvoltage protection (OVP) on VBUS line against charger failure
    • Surge protection and system-level ESD protection on VBUS
    • Common-mode filter and ESD protection on USB 2.0 High Speed data-lines
    • System-level ESD protection on CC lines as per IEC61000-4-2 level 4 (±8 kV contact discharge)
    • Low power mode for battery operation allows zero current consumption when no cable is attached
    • Integrated dead battery management for fully depleted battery devices
    • Overtemperature protection (OTP)
    • Compliant with USB Type-C™ Rev 1.2 and Power Delivery 3.0 standards
    • USB-IF certified (Test ID certification: 3036)