AUTOSAR solutions for SPC5 32-bit Power Architecture Automotive MCU

RTA-BSW consists of a full AUTOSAR solution including AUTOSAR 4 compliant Basic Software capable of supporting safety critical ECUs for both passenger cars (ISO26262) and off-highway (ISO25119) domains. RTA-BSW is complemented by ISOLAR-A and ISOLAR-EVE tools for authoring and testing a full ECU software stack in a virtual environment. AUTOSAR, the AUTomotive Open Systems ARchitecture, is the accepted automotive industry framework for scalable, interoperable, standards-compliant embedded systems, which enables developers to bring new products to market quickly and cost-effectively while allowing scope to create differentiating features. The solution leverages ETAS's proven RTA software products that support ECU code development. Available for SPC56, SPC57 and SPC58 Automotive Microcontrollers.

Key Features

  • BSW / MCAL configuration and generation
  • Configuration and RTE Generation
  • SWC authoring tool
  • AUTOSAR 4 compliant Basic
  • Comprehensive set of communication stacks, network management protocols, diagnostic protocols and OS
  • ICC3, ASPICE 3, MISRA and ISO26262
  • Virtual Environment to speed-up ECU SW development


Presentations & Training Material

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ST & ETAS/ESCRYPT's Embedded SW and Embedded Security Solutions 1.0 1 MB

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ETAS RTA AUTOSAR Starter kit 1.0 2 MB

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