STM32Cube function pack for IoT node with Wi-Fi, NFC and sensors for vibration analysis, connected to IBM Watson IoT Cloud

FP-CLD-WATSON1 is an STM32Cube function pack. It can connect an IoT node based on the STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node (B-L475E-IOT01A) or the NUCLEO-F429ZI to IBM Watson IoT, transmit sensor data and receive commands from remote applications.

This package lets you jump-start end-to-end IoT development so that you can focus on adding desired functions.

The software includes a middleware package implementing the MQTT protocol to facilitate interaction between the featured boards and Cloud services.

The package is further extended with pre-integrated algorithms for the processing of accelerometer data which can be used to detect vibration from devices such as motors, fans and pumps. Maximum frequencies and tear/wear conditions of the device under test are reported together with raw sensor data to IBM Watson IoT thus enabling and speeding up development of solutions for industrial condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

IBM Watson IoT parameter configuration is greatly simplified thanks to the use of NFC. The software runs on the STM32 microcontroller and includes drivers for the featured sensor devices and dynamic NFC/RFID tag.

Key Features

  • Complete middleware to build applications based on Wi-Fi/Ethernet connectivity, inertial and environmental sensors, and to connect an STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32F429ZI MCU, or an STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node (B-L475E-IOT01A) to IBM Watson IoT Cloud
  • Software interface to access temperature and humidity sensor (HTS221), pressure sensor (LPS25HB), motion sensors (LIS3MDL, LSM303AGR, LSM6DSL) and to write and read the RFID/NFC tag (ST25DV04K)
  • Integrated mbedTLS and MQTT protocol middleware
  • Integrated Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm for vibration analysis
  • Sample implementation based on Wi-Fi connectivity available for STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node (B-L475E-IOT01A), based on Ethernet connectivity available for X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2, and X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1, when both connected to a NUCLEO-F429ZI
  • Easy access to IBM Watson IoT Cloud services for sensor data visualization and processing (refer to for details on license terms)
  • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
  • Free, user-friendly license terms




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DB3159 DB3159: STM32Cube function pack for IoT node with Wi-Fi, NFC and sensors for vibration analysis, connected to IBM Watson IoT Cloud 2.0 214 KB
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UM2130 UM2130: Getting started with the STM32Cube function pack for IoT node with Ethernet/Wi-Fi, NFC and sensors for vibration analysis connected with IBM Watson IoT Cloud 2.0 1 MB

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FP-CLD-WATSON1 Quick start guide 2.4 3 MB
STM32 and STM8 embedded software solutions 6.0 2 MB


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SLA0055 SLA0055: SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") 4.14 122 KB

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