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  • GroveStreams is a cutting-edge Analytics of Things (AoT) platform in the cloud, providing decision making capabilities to many users and devices as data arrives from many sources.

    Applications can easily be built without any programming skills. Applications can be replicated thousands of times and enhanced, while live in the field.
    GroveStreams supports all STM32 devices.
    GroveStreams is designed to be easy to use by everyone and scales from one device to millions.
    GroveStreams’ patent-pending data streaming analytics is designed so that businesses and organizations can react quickly to changes as they are happening. GroveStreams is not built to only allow users to react to data, it is also built to allow devices to react accordingly, by using the GroveStreams platform independent open API.
    GroveStreams is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For complete and latest information, refer to the third party website https://grovestreams.com.

    Key Features

    • Rebrand for the application
    • Support all STM32 devices
    • Role based security
    • Browser based-interface. No need of plug-ins such as Flash
    • Mobile device friendly with Microsoft Bing Maps integration
    • Dashboard builder
    • Component templates and application blueprints
    • Support for modifying device settings or sending commands from the dashboard
    • Event detection with notifications (including latency event detection)
    • Each stream can store over 60 million data points (or samples) with millisecond precision
    • Many stream data types supported including short, integer, long, float, double, text, date/time, boolean, and geo coordinates
    • User defined rollups: aggregate one second data into five minutes (or into hour, day, month, quarter, year)
    • Derive one stream from many others within an organization from formula expressions while including roll-up statistics
    • Support for RSS feeds
    • Aggregate a large number of streams
    • Utility time-of-use billing determinant extraction
    • Interval stream gap detection
    • Comprehensive RESTful API. Specific user interface easy to build

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