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  • To meet the requirements of inexpensive and efficient development based on the V-model systems engineering process, iSOFT provides a self-developed infrastructure software platform solution in line with the industrial standard ORIENTAIS Automotive Electronics Infrastructure Software Platform.

    Designed for developing and testing automobile electronic applications, the ORIENTAIS platform provides integrated system solutions, customized development and local technical support.
    In order to integrate ECUs from different suppliers into the same communication network, the ORIENTAIS Platform provides the users with an operating system, STMicroelectronics MCAL, communication protocol stack, diagnostic protocol stack, network management, measure calibration, complex driver, bootloader as well as the Eclipse integration development environment.
    iSOFT is the only company dedicated to automotive infrastructure software in China and leads the project of developing: core electronic components, high-end general chip and infrastructure software listed in the 11th Five Year Plan.
    iSOFT provides professional and efficient local technical support and rolls out mature products by closely studying the development of China's domestic automobile market.

    Key Features

    • Full compliance with China's Domestic “China Automotive Electronics Infrastructure Software Alliance” (CASA alliance)
    • Integration with high performance, highly optimized Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (STMicroelectronicsMCAL)
    • Basic software modules (BSW) based on AUTOSAR and OSEK standards:
    • Design Support for the new energy vehicles and intelligent interconnected cars

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