embOS priority-controlled RTOS for embedded real time application from Segger

SEGGER Microcontroller is a full-range supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems. The company offers support throughout the whole development process with affordable, high quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools and components. SEGGER offers solutions for secure communication as well as data and product security, meeting the needs of the rapidly evolving IoT. SEGGER was founded in 1992, is privately held, and is growing steadily. Headquartered in Germany with a US office in the Boston area and distributors in all continents, SEGGER offers its full product range worldwide.

embOS® is a highly efficient, priority-controlled real-time operating system, designed to be used as foundation for the development of embedded real-time applications.

embOS is chosen by many engineers all over the world. embOS offers incomparable ease-of-use and guarantees 100% deterministic real-time operation. It is highly portable and fully source-compatible on all platforms, making it easy to port applications to different cores. Tasks can easily be created and safely communicate with each other using communication mechanisms such as semaphores, mailboxes and events.

Reliability: embOS is deployed in several million devices and is the de facto standard for embedded products.

Efficiency: embOS is a high-performance RTOS that has been optimized for minimum memory consumption in both RAM and ROM, as well as high speed and versatility.

embOS runs on all ST microcontrollers. For an easy start, a BSP including a start project can be downloaded for all popular ST evaluation boards. The evaluation projects work out-of-the-box.

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For complete and latest information on the specification and the purchased parts package, refer to the third party\qs website https://www.segger.com

Key Features

  • More than 25 years of continuous development
  • Powerful and easy to use API
  • Available for all popular ST microcontrollers and development tools
  • Kernel awareness plug-ins available
  • MISRA-C:2012 compliant
  • Zero interrupt latency for deterministic response times supported
  • High performance with low memory usage
  • Unlimited task priorities
  • Round-robin scheduling supported
  • Unlimited number of tasks / semaphores / mutex / mailboxes / software timer
  • Free time resolution (default is 1 ms) and easily accessible time variable
  • Tickless support
  • Microsecond-precise timing
  • Nested interrupts are permitted
  • Debug build performs runtime checks to catch common programming errors early
  • Profiling and stack-check supported
  • Runtime monitoring available with PC profiling tool embOSView possible (different interfaces like UART, Ethernet, JTAG supported)
  • API can be called from assembly, C or C++ code
  • Board supported packages available for all common microcontrollers
  • Application samples for an easy start available
  • Memory protection (MPU) supported




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