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STM32Cube Expansion Packages complement and build on the STM32Cube MCU Packages by delivering additional embedded software components that enable specific applicative use cases, as well as the implementation of STM32 MCUs and companion chips as well as multiple ST devices in domains such as sensing, power management, connectivity and audio.

The number of STM32Cube Expansion Packages available is continuously growing thanks to the extensive and scalable ecosystem around STM32, created by ST and Authorized Partners. The X-CUBE part numbers are offered and maintained by ST, and I-CUBE part numbers are developed and maintained by Partners and third parties.

How to take advantage of STM32Cube Expansion packages

Today, developers can find ready-to-use expansion packages for cloud connectivity (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, etc.), LoRa, Sigfox and cellular connectivity, NFC, industrial communication protocols, crypto libraries, sensor drivers, motor control algorithms, safety self-test libraries, and more.

Now that the Azure RTOS middleware suite is officially part of the STM32Cube offer, developers can take advantage of everything it has to offer thanks to STM32Cube Expansion packages officially bringing Azure RTOS middleware to several existing STM32 series.

Pre-configured to compile and run out of the box on specific ST boards, STM32Cube Expansion Packages all include multiple ready-to-use project examples for integrated development environments (IDE) such as IAR Embedded Workbench®, MDK-ARM and STM32CubeIDE.

Several STM32Cube Expansion Packages are enhanced for STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE software tools (STM32 Toolset). Users can configure software components from an STM32Cube Expansion Package in a graphical user interface (GUI) and automatically import them in their own newly-generated project. This allows developers to create scalable designs and to quickly move to another compatible STM32 device, hardware board or prototype.

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Are you developing, or planning to develop your own STM32Cube Expansion Package?

Visit our page on How to develop an STM32Cube Expansion Package in the STM32 MCU Wiki for an overview.

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X-CUBE-AZRTOS, The Most Extensive Integration of Azure RTOS Features on STM32 MCUs