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Firmware for STDES-70WRXWLC based on STWLC98

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Product overview


The STSW-70WRXWLC firmware runs on the STM32F072CB of the STDES-70WRXWLC reference design.

The firmware controls the STWLC98 SoC to implement a Qi v1.2.4 and Qi v1.3-compliant wireless charging receiver. Once working with the ST solution-based wireless charging transmitter, it supports up to 70 W in the receiver output based on the ST super charging (STSC) protocol.

The firmware is the basic reference for evaluation. Contact ST sales and distributors the get the updated firmware for various applications.

  • All features

    • Implements ST super charger (STSC) protocol
    • Implements the receiver mode and transmitter mode (for revert charging) of the STDES-70WRXWLC and manages the auto-switching
    • Controls the STWLC98 through the I²C interface to implement up to 20 V, 70 W wireless power on the output in the receiver mode
    • Controls the PM6644 DC-DC and automatically manages the 5 V power switching between the PM6644 and the STWLC98 embedded LDO
    • Implements the embedded graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate the evaluation
    • Implements the embedded parameter management to facilitate the evaluation

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