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AutoDevKit Explorer desktop application for Windows

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Product overview


STSW-AEKEXP-DSK is the Windows desktop version for PC and laptop of the AutoDevKit explorer app for iOS and Android (STSW-AEKEXPLORER).

The app allows navigating and accessing our comprehensive range of hardware and software resources in the AutoDevKit ecosystem.

You can select the AutoDevKit components for the application you are interested in and proceed to automatically generate the SPC5-STUDIO IDE project, which can be downloaded into your PC.

The desktop application works in offline mode but you need Ethernet connection to update, send e-mails and download the demo projects.

AutoDevKit ecosystem is the best solution for fast-prototyping in your automotive and transportation application development.

  • All features

    • AutoDevKit library component browsing
    • Automatic project generation for SPC5-STUDIO IDE
    • Exploration of each component functions, data structure and documentation
    • Support request through the application
    • Quick access to the latest AutoDevKit news and updates
    • Available as mobile phone application for Android and iOS (STSW-AEKEXPLORER)
    • Minimum screen resolution 1280 x 720

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