Firmware for the STEVAL-SPIN3204 evaluation board for motor control applications using 6-step driving of PMSM and BLDC motors

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The STSW-SPIN3204 firmware allows six-step motor control of brushless DC (BLDC) motors and includes the configuration files a to run an application example using the STEVAL-SPIN3204 evaluation board. The firmware runs on the STM32F031 microcontroller embedded on the advanced STSPIN32F0B three-phase BLDC motor controller, which supports sensorless BEMF feedback motor control and either Hall sensor or digital encoder feedback motor control in voltage or current mode operation.
You can send start and stop commands and control motor rotation speed through the hardware interfaces buttons and dials on the evaluation board, or through a terminal window on your PC, thanks to the serial communication interface.
Several scripts and APIs are also available to help you develop, test and tune your own motor control applications.
  • All features

    • Six-step driving (trapezoidal)
    • Speed loop in Voltage Mode and Current Mode control
    • Supports sensorless driving with back EMF sensing in ON and OFF phases
    • Supports Hall-effect sensor and digital encoder feedback
    • Ready to use demonstration scenario with config. files for six-step control
    • Supports PC commands from a terminal window through serial interface
    • Range of API commands available for application development
    • Various Python scripts included for logging data and testing
    • Based on HAL libraries for STM32

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