Firmware for EVALSTPM3x-3PH evaluation board

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Product overview


The STSW-STPM3PHFW firmware has been developed on the STM8S903K3 microcontroller for the EVALSTPM3x-3PH evaluation board. The firmware is designed by following a platform independent approach. The driver and the application layer can be ported to the other part number in the STM8, STM32 or even Win32 platform.
The code architecture could be divided into 3 layers: the application layer code implementing 3-phase power meter functions, platform independent code (containing API and HAL layers) and hardware access layer.
The application layer includes the energy pulse generation, energy data storing in the EEPROM, energy related data collecting and implementation of UART commands from the EVALSTPM3x-3PH GUI.
  • All features

    • Firmware implementation of the EVALSTPM3X-3PH power meter
    • Developed on STM8S903K3 microcontroller
    • Scalable from 3-phase to single phase meter
    • Access to STPM33 and the STPM34 metrology devices
    • Calculation of cumulative energy and power
    • Dummy mode for external SPI access to STPM33 and the STPM34 devices

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