Evaluation software for EVALSTPM3x-3PH

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Product overview


The STSW-STPM3PHGUI evaluation software is a graphical user interface to access information calculated by EVAL-STPM3x-3PH FW. Energy and power (for each phase and cumulative) voltage and current RMS are calculated by the STM8S903K3, using metrology data from the two STPM3x energy metering ICs on-board, and then displayed on the GUI.
The application has a unique work area where the user can read FW calculated data, or access directly each metrology device to read measured data or to read/write configuration registers.
The application parameters (such as sensor sensitivity, AFE parameters) can be configured to calculate the power, current and voltage.
The GUI allows also data read/saved to the EEPROM.
The connection to a PC uses a USB cable A/B, by which the board is also powered.
  • All features

    • Read and configure STPM3x devices on-board
    • Interface STM8S903K3 firmware
    • Display current, voltage, energy and power for each phase and cumulative
    • Display power factor and frequency for each phase
    • Configure application front-end parameters for calculations
    • Save/restore data on EEPROM
    • PC connection trough USB cable A/B
    • English/Chinese languages available

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