Graphical user interface for wireless power transmitter evaluation boards based on the STWBC chip family

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  • The STSW-STWBCGUI graphical user interface lets you configure the main parameters of the STWBC chip family-based wireless power transmitters.

    It also provides runtime information such as power delivered, bridge frequency, demodulation quality and protocol status.
    The GUI facilitates the monitoring of all the board parameters and ADC measurements as well as downloading new firmware or changing settings.
    The GUI requires: any STWBC chip family-based evaluation board, a USB-to-UART jack cable or a USB-to-UART dongle (provided with the board) coming with a standard micro-USB cable, and a Windows PC.

    Key Features

    • Platform complete monitoring
    • Transmitter status and Qi receiver information
    • Rx to Tx communication protocol error display
    • Parameter tuning window to facilitate system configuration (threshold, frequency, regulation)
    • Foreign object detection (FOD) tuning and monitoring
    • Firmware download

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