AEKD-USBTYPEC1 kit software package for automotive USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery dual port applications

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The STSW-USB2TYPEC1 software package for the AEKD-USBTYPEC1 kit contains all the software layers required to run and customize the firmware for the ASIL-B automotive grade SPC58 Chorus Power Architecture® microcontroller (4MB flash, 32-bit) on the kit discovery board (SPC58EC-DISP). The firmware was built with the SPC5-Studio user-friendly environment based on Eclipse. SPC5-Studio generates hardware abstraction layer for the SPC5 microcontroller series and allows hardware configuration with intuitive GUIs.
The firmware is coded according to the ST AutoDevKit development initiative, so you can reuse and expand hardware and software building blocks in a consistent framework.
  • All features

    • Package contains the firmware flash image for the AEKD-USBTYPEC1 kit, for a USB Power Delivery solution compliant with the 2.0 specification feature-set.
    • SPC58EC-DISP discovery board pre-loaded with firmware (version 1.2.1).
    • The firmware supports the USB Type-C dual port, provider-only role.
    • The firmware defaults a PDO of 5 V 500 mA.
    • Additional PDOs can be configured if a compatible power board (not supplied in the kit) is added to the AEKD-USBTYPEC1 kit.
    • The software is customizable through SPC5-Studio and conforms with the ST AutoDevKit initiative.

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