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Firmware for 3-phase Vienna rectifier with low cost mixed-signal control for power factor correction

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Product overview


This firmware provides control for high power three-phase AC/DC rectifier applications based on Vienna topology featuring mixed-signal control. It runs on the STNRG388A controller providing digital output voltage regulation, while analog circuitry manages CCM current regulation to provide high power quality, with low THD and high PF.

The firmware provides an environment to configure output voltage, control parameters and protection thresholds. The digital controller uses the operating parameters to determine appropriate reference signals for the analog circuitry and event-driven state machine (SMED) to generate modulation signals for PFC output control.

  • All features

    • Power factor control based on mixed-signal architecture
    • Configurable DC bus voltage control based on STNRG388A digital controller
    • Programmable start-up procedure
    • Up to 6 programmable PWM generators State Machine Event Driven (SMED)
    • Fast digital input (DIGIN), with configurable pull-up
    • Max.1.3 ns PWM resolution
    • Serial debug/monitor
    • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
    • STNRG SMED Configurator support

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