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Graphical user interface for wireless power receiver and transmitter evaluation boards

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Product overview


The STSW-WPSTUDIO enables the tuning and design-in of wireless power devices.

It provides support for the complete evaluation of wireless power device STWLC38, STWLC98, STWLC99 and STWBC86, from register tuning to the final NVM programming.

The GUI enables real time monitoring of key internal parameters that are streamed over a USB connection, and provides wizards to simplify otherwise complex tasks such as FOD (foreign object detection) and custom coil design.

The GUI requires a STEVAL-WLC38RX, STEVAL-WLC98RX, STEVAL-WLC99RX or STEVAL-WBC86TX evaluation board and a PC running Microsoft® Windows® 10.

  • All features

    • Access to key configuration registers
    • Live chart of key electrical parameters such as output voltage, rectifier voltage, IC temperature and currents
    • Coil selection wizard to assist in the design of a custom coil
    • Foreign object detection (FOD) tuning wizard
    • NVM programming
    • Header generator tool for programming with external microcontroller

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