Imaging Processors

Leveraging on more than 10 years’ experience in all key components of the image processing chain, ST offers a wide range of image signal processors (ISP) to address different markets, including high-end smartphones, security/surveillance, gaming, automotive and medical applications. The use of industry standard interfaces and rich set of APIs makes the integration of ST’s image processors a straightforward process and helps to reduce end-product time to market.

ST’s ISPs are offered as standalone processing solutions or can also be used as an efficient imaging bundle with ST’s sensors and modules. By leveraging extensive in-house IPs, ST’s ISP products provide a unique opportunity for the customer to differentiate from standard platforms through a rich feature set including innovative Bayer processing algorithms and support for high dynamic range (HDR) technology. With control over all aspects from algorithm creation, design tools up to silicon fabrication, ST is well placed to offer custom ISP solutions.

ST provides a wide range of imaging solutions and continues to enhance our customers’ products with different product categories such as CMOS image sensors, CMOS photonic sensors, processors and CIS foundry.

ST controls all aspects of the design and manufacturing chain and is one of the few imaging solution suppliers to do so. ST’s imaging teams benefit from 500 staff contributing to all aspects of product creation starting with multiple design centers worldwide, dedicated process engineers in ST’s advanced silicon fabrication plants and world-class backend manufacturing resources resulting in high quality products for the end customer. Mastering all aspects of the imaging chain, ST is well placed to offer custom design services to key customers with a number of custom sensors, ISPs and imaging modules already on the market.