STM32Cube middleware for audio PDM to PCM conversion

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  • AudioPDM-MW, delivered as a PDM2PCM library, decimates and filters out a Pulse Density Modulated (PDM) stream from a digital microphone, to convert it to a Pulse Code Modulated (PCM) signal output stream.

    The PCM output stream works at a sampling rate of 16 kHz with a 16-bit resolution. Various decimation factors are configurable, to adapt to variable PDM clock speeds.
    The digital microphone gain is configurable at any time and allows 1 dB step in a range from -12 dB to +51 dB.

    Key Features

    • Audio PDM-to-PCM conversion
    • Little or big endianness filter
    • Filter bit order LSB and MSB
    • Filter decimation factor from 16 to 128

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