MEMS Microphones


A MEMS microphone is an electro-acoustic transducer housing a sensor (MEMS) and an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in a single package.

The sensor converts variable incoming sound pressure to capacitance variations that the ASIC transforms into analog or digital output. The acoustic wave enters the microphone through a sound inlet in the top or bottom of the package, hence the top or bottom port nomenclature.

MEMS microphones target all audio applications where key requirements are small size, high sound quality, reliability, and affordability.


ST's MEMS microphone applications

ST MEMS microphones find application in many fields, including personal electronics, industrial, automotive, peripherals, and computers.

Our best-in-class acoustic overload point (AOP) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) makes ST's MEMS microphones suitable for applications that require a very high dynamic range.

MEMS Microphones applications

Very tight sensitivity matching allows optimization of beamforming, sound source localization, and noise canceling algorithms for multimicrophone arrays. These are key elements in voice activated applications like smart home and smart speakers.

The flat frequency response and high performance enable automotive applications like hands-free call and e-Call, noise canceling, and in-car communications.

Our low power consumption products extend the autonomy of battery-operated applications.

Discover the MEMS microphones portfolio

Analog and digital MEMS microphones are available in metal and plastic packages that are extremely small and ready for use in virtually any environment.

ST MEMS Microphones portfolio IMP23ABSU mp23abs1 mp34dt05-a mp34dt06j imp34dt05 mp23db01hp mp23db02mm

Bottom port devices

Bottom port devices are designed in a 3.5x2.65x0.98mm metal package to improve product robustness and reliability. The substrate includes capacitance plating to improve RF immunity.

top port microphone

Top port devices

Top port devices are designed in a 3x4x1mm plastic package with a dedicated ground ring around the port hole for ESD robustness. The MEMS are positioned directly beneath the port hole to maximize acoustic performance.

top port microphone

Key benefits of ST MEMS microphones:

  • omnidirectional
  • high performance
  • several performance modes
  • low power consumption
  • sensivity matching
  • high shock and temperature resistance
  • small form factor
high fidelity sound

Developer resources

We offer a range of development tools and resources, including microphone coupon boards and example code to help developers reduce design time.

ST offers software and acoustic gasket simulation support to ensure rapid development of the best solution for your audio application needs.
Check tools & software to find out more.

Breakthrough digital bottom port microphone with multiple performance modes

Thanks to high performance and low current consumption, the MP23DB01HP MEMS microphone is the perfect choice for high-end personal electronics, computer, and automotive applications.

The multi-mode digital bottom-port microphone combines a best-in-class acoustic overload point (AOP) for handling input signals without distortion, very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for far-field applications and accurate sensitivity matching.

Benefits include:

  • Saves energy with multi-mode operation
  • Enables voice command recognition
  • Ultra-low distortion
  • Flat frequency response
  • PDM output and sensitivity matching
  • Hardware and software evaluation tools and developer resources

Visit the MP23DB01HP page to find out more and get started.