ST’s high-performance temperature sensor technology merges with a unique portfolio of motion and environmental detectors delivering new integrated solutions. The T-Plus MEMS sensor family supports the new demanding requirements for an extended temperature operating range coming from innovative applications from wearables, handhelds and IoT devices to health and industrial applications.

Offering ultra-low power consumption, very low noise and diagnostic functions, these environmental and motion sensors are designed to work in harsh environments where sensing and integration matter the most.

One sensor instead of two

"One sensor instead of two" is not only a way to reduce system costs but also a way to reduce power consumption and space needed by the sensor set when additional space is not available.

The majority of MEMS on the market today have a temperature sensor inside their package. However, it is practically only a relative temperature sensor that measures a Vbe, the voltage between a base and an emitter of a BJT transistor, to determine the delta between a value set on the manufacturing line and the current measurement. Devices then use this relative temperature to calibrate the measurements from the motion sensor thanks to a compensation mechanism. In the T-Plus MEMS sensors, the sensing module can track accurate temperatures, significantly increasing its usefulness and enabling engineers to use one device instead of two.