Legacy MCUs

ST is a committed, long-term partner for microcontroller solutions with the well-established microcontrollers based on the ST7, ST6, ST10, ARM7 and ARM9 cores.

  • Housed in 16- to 28-pin packages, the ST6 devices integrate 1 to 4 Kbytes of OTP (one-time programmable) or ROM memory
  • The ST7 core provides high-level language programming and additional interrupt handling features
  • The ST10 family is based on ST's industry-standard 16-bit microcontroller
  • The STR7 family combines the industry-standard ARM7TDMI® 32-bit RISC core, featuring high performance, very low power, and very dense code, with a comprehensive set of peripherals and ST's latest 0.18 µm embedded Flash technology
  • The STR9 family brings the power of an ARM9E™ processor core to make networking and other demanding applications easy and affordable

ST recommends using the state-of-the-art 8-bit STM8 and 32-bit STM32 microcontrollers to develop new designs.

ST 8-Bit and 32-Bit MCUs
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