ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

Near field communication (NFC) is a specialized subset of the 13.56 MHz RFID HF technology. NFC is a convenient, always-on, low-power wireless technology, which operates within a 10 cm range approximately.

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    Embedding a single NFC chip into a product can significantly enhance its value for end users, resulting in an improved experience when using the device and ultimately driving greater consumer engagement. By simply tapping NFC-enabled devices with a mobile phone, users can leverage multiple NFC functionalities, such as:
  • wireless parameter setting
  • firmware upgrades
  • secure data/diagnostic readout

This enables new application possibilities, like access control, data tracking, device pairing, and contributes to improving existing ones, such as contactless payment.

How to choose the right NFC product types for your application?

The ST25 product family offers a complete portfolio of NFC tag ICs and dynamic tag ICs, as well as NFC reader ICs for a wide variety of wireless applications. ST25 products are certified by the NFC Forum, ensuring interoperability.


Discover our portfolio of ST25 NFC tags and readers

The ST25 family of NFC tags and readers offers several product series that enable extended features, such as energy harvesting, active wave shaping, and digital signature. The ST25 portfolio comes with an extensive ecosystem of development boards, tools, and software, and worldwide support to accelerate your development.

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