ST25DV-PWM series Dynamic NFC Tags

The ST25DV-PMW series of dynamic NFC/RFID tags offers a RFID/NFC contactless interface with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs.

What is an ST25DV-PWM dynamic tag?

These NFC Forum Type 5 dynamic tags operate in the high-frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz range and comply with the NFC-V Technology specification from the NFC Forum. The data stored in these Type 5 tags is transferred natively to NFC smartphones or professional NFC/RFID HF readers that support the NFC Forum standardized NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF).

The ST25DV-PWM IC provides a live update of PWM parameters by contactless interface, enhancing the user experience. With the ST25DV-PWM IC, the MCU is not required, and there is no need for an external oscillator, significantly reducing solution cost. Additional features such as TruST25TM digital signature, ensuring the die authenticity, and password-protected areas offer high level of security and data integrity.

The rich developer ecosystem (evaluation boards, software tools, mobile apps, and more) available for ST25DV-PWM tags speeds up development and time to market.

ST25DV-PWM series benefits from STMicroelectronics 10-year longevity program that ensures continuous supply for 10 years.


Setting a power level, speed or rotor position is a common way to control motors in industrial and consumer applications and is easily handled using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signals. Combining NFC connectivity with PWM outputs in a single device delivers high added value and a cost-optimized solution for a wide range of applications including lighting, motor control, power supplies and many more.

Product types

The ST25DV-PWM series offers either one or two independent PWM outputs to satisfy numerous use cases. The whole series comes with robust packages options and an extended temperature range by default, to support even the harshest operating conditions.

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  • Two-in-one chip, delivering NFC connectivity and PWM output, removes the need for an MCU
  • No need for an external oscillator ensures high integration and a simplified bill of material
  • Cost-optimized solution to address low-end lighting applications
  • Long-range NFC Type 5 tags for a robust solution with a good user experience even in harsh environments (small NFC antenna, close to metal case…)
  • Compliant with Zhaga Book 24 & Book25 standards to simplify lighting solution implementation and interoperability
  • Simple and easy setup thanks to strong ecosystem support
  • High-reliability EEPROM memory (Industrial grade, 40-year data retention) delivers the right amount of space for extended use cases

ST25DV-PWM series characteristics

  • ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag contactless interface
  • 2K-bit EEPROM memory
  • Endurance of 100K cycles at 85°C
  • Data retention 40 years
Advanced features
  • Power supply 1.8 to 5.5V
  • Up to two PWM signals
  • From 488 to 31250 Hz
  • Up to 15 bits resolution
  • TruST25™ digital signature
  • TSSOP8
  • SO8
Temperature ranges
  • Extended temperature range: From -40 to 105 °C (PWM)


The ST25DV-PWM-eSET is a dynamic NFC tag evaluation board based on the ST25DV02K-W2 device, an NFC/RFID tag IC with PWM outputs embedding a 2-Kbit EEPROM that can be partitioned for use-case flexibility.

The PWM output can be programmed independently and securely, allowing the user to address a large number of applications.


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