ST25TV series NFC tags

Near Field Communication (NFC) Type 5 tags and labels operate in the high-frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz range and comply with the NFC-V Technology specification from the NFC Forum. The data stored in these Type 5 tags and labels is transferred to NFC smartphones or professional NFC/RFID HF readers that support the NFC Forum standardized NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF).

ST25TV Type 5 Tag chips are certified by the NFC Forum and comply with the industrial ISO/IEC 15693 RFID specifications, providing interoperability across NFC implementations in NFC smartphones and NFC/RFID HF readers.

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An improved user experience with Augmented NDEF and longer read range

ST25TV Type 5 NFC Tag ICs are the first solution to combine the convenience of the longer read range of the ISO/IEC 15693 vicinity standard with a tamper detect capability and Augmented NDEF feature. When compared to other NFC tag types (Type 2 or Type 4), ST25TV tags are easier to tap and read by end consumers, thereby offering an improved user experience.

The ST25TV series offers tags with a 512-bit or 2-Kbit memory, including a contextual automatic NDEF messaging service. It allows the tag to respond with dynamically-generated content when triggered by the end user and his NFC mobile phone with a simple "tap". This technology is called Augmented NDEF.

For a large scope of applications, from Industrial to Consumer

Thanks to its best-in-class RF performance and its advanced features, the ST25TV series can be used for a wide panel of use cases, like asset tracking with long range HF/RFID reader, and enhances consumer engagement with Android/iOS NFC mobile phones.

ST25TV Type 5 NFC Tag ICs address multiple applications such as Healthcare & Wellness, Consumer Packaged Goods, luxury goods, wine & spirits, pharmaceuticals, and bring value and benefits to players across the whole supply chain, from the production stage to the store.

ST25TV Type 5 Tag ICs series differentiating features and options

  • ISO/IEC 15693 & NFC Forum Type 5
  • Fast operations, up to 53 kb/s speed
  • Up to 2kbit EEPROM memory with a lock-block mechanism
  • Augmented NDEF services
  • TruST25™ digital signature
  • 64-bit encrypted passwords with multi-area protection
  • Tamper detection
  • 16-bit counter for 1st write access monitoring
  • 24-bit Unique Tap Code (UTC)
  • Electronic article surveillance
  • Kill and untraceable modes
  • 60-year data retention
  • SBN12, SBN075 and DFN5 package versions

Market segments

Use cases


Healthcare & Wellness

Wine & Spirits


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Clothing & Footwear



Asset tracking

Product configuration (parameter setting)

Accessory recognition


Product identification

Product information

Consumer Engagement

Access control

Bluetooth pairing

NFC forum certification

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