AC-DC Modules

ST's AC-DC modules are compact, isolated and efficient AC-DC switch-mode drop-in converters, providing a switch mode constant voltage generator.  They are an easy to use, standalone solution that does not require additional external circuitry.

SPAC265 modules are used in many applications where compact power supplies are required. Modules mainly target industrial control, industrial appliances and metering applications.

The SPAC265-3W series presents a wide range input voltage. These single-output modules deliver 3 W of output power with a maximum current of up to 250 mA at 12 V output voltage. 

SPAC265 modules are a plug-and-play solution that simplifies and speeds designs. Being CE compliant, they reduce the time and effort to gain agency approval. All modules are RoHS compliant and ensure low power consumption in standby conditions, < 300 mW, and are fully protected against overvoltage and short-circuit conditions.