STLUXTM turns on your innovative ideas

STLUXTM digital controllers are the world’s first programmable controllers specifically optimized for lighting applications.

The innovative SMED (state machine, event-driven) digital technology and the integrated microcontroller make STLUXTM easily programmable and versatile. It can be configured with application-specific algorithms to optimize the overall system efficiency, enabling high-performance and cost-effective lighting design.

SMED is a hardware state machine triggered by internal or external events. In power-supply applications, for example, a SMED can close the regulation loop and automatically switch off the circuit when it detects an overcurrent or a short circuit, so protecting the circuit. Since SMEDs are embedded, they guarantee an event reaction time shorter than that provided by standard interrupt-driven microprocessors.

The first member of the family, STLUX385A, also integrates DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) for remote control and monitoring.

Features and benefits

  • 6 SMED-controlled PWMs providing full control of any power conversion stage
  • Integrated DALI enabling control, communication and monitoring functions
  • Integrated digital core making STLUX easy to use and programmable
  • New customizable and load-tailored algorithms ensuring very high efficiency
  • Fault detector improving reliability
  • Single-chip solution saving space when compared to discrete solutions

100 W LED lighting solution based on STLUX385A digital controller

Digital control is the key to maximizing the efficiency of high-power applications, like smart street and high-bay lighting.
In the STEVAL-ILL066V1 solution, STLUX385A handles a primary-side regulated power-conversion stage, as well as all the supported communication links.
The power conversion stage consists of a PFC regulator followed by a Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) LC-resonant stage.
The high-precision dimming is controlled using a primary-side regulation (PSR) control technique.
LED efficiency is high during all steps of dimming and the solution can achieve a 92% efficiency during full load while maintaining a low power consumption, <200 mW, during idle periods.
The demonstration board provides all the key physical-communication interfaces such as DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), insulated 0-10 and UART, with all the communication managed by the STLUX385A device. The flexibility of the STLUX385A also allows the board to be easily connected to other interfaces such as Wi-Fi, power-line modems, Bluetooth®and ZigBee®.