Interface circuit (relay and lamp-driver)

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  • This device is a monolithic amplifier designed for high current and high voltage applications, specifically to drive lamps, relays, stepping motors. It is a blow-out proof device whose output is protected against overload and short-circuits. This output is low in open ground conditions and in case of overload and reset for high input, it switches on and off alternately until the overload is removed. The LED, driven by an alarm output, if referred to ground, flashes during an overload depending on the state of the reset input. The thermal shutdown prevents the IC from overheating, so if the internal dissipation becomes too high, the driver shuts down. The device works over a wide range of voltages from standard 15 V operational amplifier to the single +6 V or +48 V used for industrial electric systems.

    Key Features

    • Open ground protection
    • High output current
    • Adjustable short-circuit protection
    • Internal thermal protection with external reset
    • Large supply voltage range
    • Alarm output
    • Input voltage can be higher than VCC
    • Output voltage can be lower than ground (VCC - VO ≤ VCC[max.])
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      Interface circuit (relay and lamp driver)
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      Interface circuit (relay and lamp driver)