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The first SLLIMM series , belonging to the intelligent power module family, combines six IGBTs (planar or TFS) with co-packaged diodes mounted on a DBC (direct bonded copper) and driven by three half bridge drivers in an inverter configuration, the driver section is mounted in a dedicated PCB together to all the passive components for all the filtering stages. The fully isolated and top side cooling SDIP package is available in a 25-lead version (SDIP-25L) and 38-lead version (SDIP-38L) offering excellent heat dissipation characteristics. The product family is UL recognized up to 2.5kVrms (file E81734) in a compact package. The SLLIMM products have been designed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of final applications such as pumps, sewing machines, washing machines, air conditioning compressor drives. SLLIMM IPMs belong to our STPOWER family.